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4 Apr 2020

During the lockdown …

We are coping well with the lockdown here on Evia Island in Greece.  The boat yard is very isolated at the end of a lane right next to the sea and while there are houses along the lane, most of them seem to be holiday homes that are vacant.  We very easily manage to practise social distancing from the other yachties who are staying here and the small handful of people who work here most days.

The best...

28 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Covid19 update

We updated you in our blogs last week, but in case you missed the information, we’ve mentioned on this week’s video as we’re in a small boat yard at Sipiada on Evia island, Greece and the Greek government is trying very hard to contain the spread of the Covid19 virus.  As well as banning gatherings of more than ten people and closing all museums until the end of March, schools and universities, restau...

21 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Covid-19 stops play

Aren’t we living in interesting times?  If you’d asked anyone a month ago if they thought we would see a virtual global lock down, how many would have said yes?  And now it’s happening.  As you know, we’re in a small boat yard at Sipiada on Evia island, Greece.  As Europe is currently the epicentre of the virus, the Greek government has been proactive in trying to contain the spread of the Covid-...

14 Mar 2020

That’s where the water’s coming in!

Last week we discovered that our sail locker must have a leak as some of the items stored in there were damp, there were salt crystals on the aluminium parts of our beach chairs and mildew was growing on the sides and ceiling of the whole locker.  I got in there and cleaned it all out but we had to wait until a rainy day before we could find out where the water was getting in.  We suspected a...

7 Mar 2020

Last week we talked about returning to Turkey and taking people on as crew to experience life aboard before purchasing their own yacht.  We also mentioned we’d have to get A B Sea ship shape and back in the water.

This week, we’ve been busy.  Partly with boat jobs of the ever-increasing list.  And for myself, partly experimenting with uv resin and making more pendants and keyrings.  But before I show you my latest offerings, I’...

29 Feb 2020

I know, we were heading towards the Atlantic this year but …

Our plans have changed. 

If you’re not going to the Atlantic, where are you going?

We’re going back to Turkey!

Why?  What’s happened? 

Nothing’s happened, but we’ve been re-evaluating our situation and want to take crew on board this year. More about that later.

We’ve also realised that heading out to the Atlantic will mean spending several weeks in the countries west...

22 Feb 2020

One of the tasks on the boat is cleaning.  Everything.  Inside and out. 

We aren’t ready to do that just yet as we’re still going through our boat job list, but we’re well prepared for when we are.  One of our followers, Heinz, sent us an environmentally friendly product called Brillean.  Apparently it cleans anything.  As Baz shows on this week’s video, Brillean is a hard paste that comes in a round tub and you apply...

15 Feb 2020

We may not be sailing at the moment, but we made the most of our week’s hire car and this week we take you for a drive to a couple of interesting and beautiful spots and drove along some very dodgy roads that had been hit badly in the storms due to rock falls and water damage.

Galataki is a monastery full of nuns!

On our way to the nearby monastery, Galataki Monastery of Saint Nicholas, (built in 1576) which is just along the co...

8 Feb 2020

Tomorrow’s video opens with Baz opening his heart about his feeling of despair, and why he didn’t want to go out in our hire car on Day 3 to explore more of the Greek island of Evia where A B Sea is hauled out for European winter.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, on Day 2 we took the car to the largest town on the island, Chalkida.

Snow on the pass

We wanted to visit a good chandlers and there is one in Chalkida, along with a c...

1 Feb 2020

Fishing for Langoustines

I love being out on the water when the sun’s shining.  There’s such a great feeling of expanse and being one with the sea.  The other day I was lucky enough to be invited with Baz to join Xaris (the boat yard owner) onto his 9m fishing boat.   It was his first trip out since the bad winter weather and we joined him and Theo as they went on the hunt for the prized crustaceans, langoustines....

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