December 2017 [Baz] Our 3 week intensive sailing and other courses in Gibraltar are booked and paid for. Many people have asked why we didn't learn to sail whilst in Australia, the simple answer is money.

As you can see from the pic all of our courses, RYA novice to coastal day skipper, diesel engine maintenance, marine first aid and VHF radio handling is costing us the grand total of £3,638 (AU$6,557).

To do just the RYA novice to coastal day skipper in Australia would have cost us £7,323 (AU$13,200). Twice the cost and without the extra courses.

Really looking forward to this all starting February 3rd 2018.

December 2017 - Big thanks to Lea and Sonia from the Glasshouse & Maleny Country News for a very nice 'in profile' write up about our new life adventure. you can read the online version on page 8 here

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