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Aannsha’s Blog #181 – Will we ever find an anchorage?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

We left Akbük Bay thinking we were going to have a fairly short passage and be nicely tucked up in Gürçumlar by lunchtime. Boy were we wrong!

Gürçumlar is a long thin bay offering three anchorage positions, but when we arrived we discovered that the main anchorage was teaming with fishing boats and larger boats which service the nearby fish farms. There was one place that was relatively clear, but by the time we’d let out enough chain for the depth, we would have swung out into very shallow water and Baz wasn’t happy with that.

We checked out the other two bays, one being small and shallow and already filled with local fishing boats and tinnies. We looked at our options and decided to try the larger bay just to the east of Gürçumlar. If the wind did as predicted, we should be okay. We dropped anchor and tentatively decided to stay. I reckoned that it was such an open bay we could actually see Greece in the distance!

After ten minutes the wind had picked up and again we weren’t happy with our situation. We would be very exposed and the fetch could be large. So Cap’n Baz made the decision to up anchor and make our way to the next possible anchorage at Aydeniz. One of the books we use for choosing anchorages is the Turkish waters and Cyprus pilot guide

It shouldn’t take us too long and I’d be able to get back to editing the video that was due out to our Patrons on Tuesday (the following day).

However, Aydeniz wasn’t viable, it was filled with boats and didn’t leave us enough room to swing. By now it was getting later in the afternoon and, as I’d thought we would be stopping fairly quickly after leaving Akbük, I hadn’t had a cup of tea and I was very ready for one!

We passed some large shipping tankers on the way into Asin Koyu, which were anchored outside the large town to our east, at Güllük. And poked our nose into the finger bay to the west of the promontory with the ancient ruins of Iasos, but we left, feeling like Goldilocks and the three bears.

Fingers crossed, we arrived at Asin Koyu and were happy to see that it had plenty of room to anchor. We settled in and I was very relieved when Cap’n Baz said he was happy here. I could get onto editing and I could finally have my cuppa!

To watch this YouTube episode, just click here.

Next week, we show you the fun manoeuvres we and Jim on our buddy boat Acheron have to do to keep out of the way of the fish farm boats. We also bring you highlight of the ruins at Iasos. Until next week though, I wish you health, wealth and courage, as you take the actions to bring your dreams to life.

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