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We're so glad you're joining us as we take the plunge and leave the security of regular jobs behind us! 


We love what we do and all of our blogs and videos are free and always will be. But wi-fi and all related costs of bringing our adventures to you do add up.  So ...


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Aannsha & Barry

We're so glad you're joining us as we take the plunge and set out on our sailing journey. We're loving our new life and it's great to know you are experiencing this with us! 


All of our blogs and videos will always be free. But wi-fi, filming equipment and other related costs of sharing our journey with you do add up.  So if you would like to help keep us going - one time - or monthly - just click the Shout us a Beer button. 


We truly THANK YOU and will shout you a real beer if we ever see you!

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Aannsha & Barry

We're very fortunate that we're able to meet some of our followers, and when we do, we have a beer with them. 

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MMSI: 232016664

Call Sign: MDKY8

Flag: United Kingdom [GB]

AIS Vessel Type: Sailing Vessel

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