Sea Jewellery & Art

While Barry's love is scuba diving, Aannsha's is creating. 

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With a history as a professional artist using various media including acrylics (painting small images to murals for businesses), wet-felting and eco-printing, Aannsha enjoys making YouTube tutorial videos of the techniques she uses.

Aannsha also makes jewellery using sea glass and shells, wire-wrapped with Stirling silver and rich copper. One aspect of sailing that really excites her is the opportunity of finding special pieces on beaches and crafting one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for others. She calls this jewellery Mermaid's Treasures.

Examples of my jewellery pieces


In her 'past life', Aannsha used to run meditation groups where she provided different relaxation and meditation techniques each week. 

So, as well as Sailing A B Sea taking you to relaxing places in our photos and videos, you can also chill out mentally and emotionally, with Aannsha's best selling guided relaxations and meditations.  Check them out and listen to samples here.

You can also enjoy meditations (mindfulness and visualisations) - from 5 to 30 minutes in length - on Aannsha's YouTube channel here.

What others are saying about Aannsha's guided tracks:

"Aannsha is a caring and delightful person. I am most impressed by the simplicity of the One Minute Relaxation Technique and its effectiveness. It's easy to understand and apply.

And what's more - it works."

"I love your voice, it's so soothing. I listen to "Ocean of Tranquillity" at night in bed and always fall asleep before I hear the end.  It's great to finally have a good night's sleep."  


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