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Aannsha’s Blog #189 – Gemiler Island and Baz to the Rescue!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Before we left Kaş marina in late May 2021 Baz spent the morning scuba diving under A B Sea. He checked that the anodes were all still intact and then cleaned the growth off the prop and prop shaft. We had sprayed these parts with antifoul but were disappointed at how poorly the antifoul had worked. Just as badly as the six layers of egg white that I’d brushed onto one of the prop blades. That had been an experiment to see how egg white worked in keeping growth off the prop, as we have a friend who swears by it. Next time we haul out, we’ll try a different product.

Baz to the rescue

While Baz was still in his scuba gear, one of our Turkish friends (who gives us extra fish that he catches) approached and told us that he’d dropped his spear gun by his pontoon berth. Baz had a slim chance of actually finding it because the marina depth under Atilla’s boat is 21 metres with lots of silt on the bottom. And at that depth the fish gun could have drifted a distance before it landed. We all (Atilla, Umit, Paul and myself) – these events usually attract interest from passers-by – watched the bubbles in the water as Baz went on his search.

After quite a while and ascending slowly, Baz reappeared and to everyone’s surprise, he carried Atilla’s spear gun! What a hero. I could tell how grateful Atilla was because good fish guns aren’t cheap to buy. In thanks he gave us a freshly caught fish and a very good bottle of Turkish wine. Thanks Atilla. We’re glad we could help.

Gemiler Island

Following on from last week, we catch up in this week’s video just as we collect our buddy Kev and all three of us explore nearby Gemiler Island. The dinghy ride from our anchorage took about five minutes and we were soon tied up securely close to the entrance.

This island is a marvel because it is dotted with the ruins of Byzantine churches dating back to the 4th century. Saint Nicholas spent much of his ministry in one of them. Two churches are joined by a long, covered tunnel that originally contained the Stations of the Cross, for devout pilgrims to follow. This was quite amazing to walk along, with much of its roof intact, held up by the original stone arches. It got really exciting once Kev told us that his old home in Spain had had a similar archway which had collapsed, fortunately when no-one was standing under it!

There were cordoned off mosaics which I always find fascinating. And the view from the top was spectacular.

Baz got some wonderful drone footage *using our DJI Mavic Pro drone.

From the air, A B Sea and Barbara Ann look like white specks suspended in a brilliant azure blue water. And the colouring of the rocks as the drone flew over the shoreline is stunningly beautiful. You’ll love it.

Our number 1 son rings

We call Luke our #1 son even though he is our only son lol. It’s a family joke. We’d made it to the other end of the island through attractive bush and plenty of ruins. It was the heat of the day (which had started early at around 9am) and the cooling breeze from the top of the rise was very welcome.

People hardly ever ring me in Turkey, so when my phone rang it took me by surprise. It was Luke.

Luke was on his way to the Queensland Gold Coast in Australia for one of his last three performances as lead in play The Kidnap Game which was receiving great reviews. We had a little chat with a few laughs (we always laugh with Luke) and then reluctantly finished the conversation.

Gawd, I miss that boy. I know Baz does too. And if you read this Luke, I know you’re not a boy, you’re a man, but you’re still my boy!! It’s a mother thing.

We made our way back to our tender that I thought we could call “Dee” - you know after A B Sea! And all agreeing that Gemiler Island was well worth the visit, we made our way back to our yachts. It is days like that which makes me really appreciate our ability to travel to different locations so easily, as we live on board A B Sea.

To watch this YouTube episode, just click here.

Next week we head to Fethiye and Ekincik, where we are forced to stay at anchor due to war games!

Until then, I wish you health, wealth and courage, as you take the actions to bring your dreams to life.

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