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Aannsha’s Blog #217 – Driving on tram lines in Antalya!

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I was so excited. We had a car that we’d originally hired to take Baz for tests to hospital and we’d extended the hire for seven days. Wanting to make the most of the car, we decided to treat ourselves and say in a hotel in Antalya for a couple of days.

The weather forecast wasn’t what we’d choose, as rain was forecast for several days in the whole of the region. But we were going away. Staying in a hotel. And would be visiting the Museum at Antalya that several friends had highly recommended. I was like a kid in a toy shop just before Christmas.

The drive to Antalya was smooth with great views of the sea and through a few tunnels through the massive mountains. We spotted the area where the Setur Marina Antalya was as we approached the city. It was set a long way back from the road so we couldn’t actually see the marina itself, but for those of you interested, it is quite a way out of town. Although we have a friend who has moored his boat there for a while and apparently it’s easy to arrange for a taxi to and from the city.

Did our Sat Nav have the correct route?

Our Sat Nav had been giving us great directions until we got within about half a kilometre to our destination. Flossie (my name for ‘her’) directed us down a winding path towards the town harbour and brought us to what looked like a car park. She wanted us to go through the car park.

Baz decided there couldn’t possibly be a road through a car park, so we turned around and I entered the hotel’s address into my phone’s Google Maps.

We’re stuck on tram lines!!

Following GM’s directions, we passed another car park entrance and found ourselves on tram lines! Uh-oh!

You really have to watch the video to feel the tension. We were driving along these tramlines knowing full well a tram could appear at any moment. With high pavement walls there was no way we could get off! We had to keep going.

I had pictures of a tram looming in the opposite direction, with no way of stopping. It was very tense making.

Thankfully, I spotted a turn off onto a road which Baz took. And GM told us to go down the same road to the harbour car park!

Baz decided to turn left instead of going straight on as GM suggested, and we eventually (thank god) found the entrance.

It turns out, at the second car park, was the entrance to the Old Town (where our hotel was). There was a little booth with a boom gate and once I told the fellow which hotel we were headed for he opened the gate and told us to enter.

The roads are how narrow?

The Sat Nav now directed us through ever narrowing ancient streets that were lined with shops, restaurants and a few pedestrians. “Holy crap!” was one of the things Baz said as he navigated his way. “Gawd, I’m glad we’re in a small car,” was one of the things I uttered as I watched the walls getting closer to the wing mirrors. I was also glad it wasn’t the height of summer because I couldn’t imagine fighting our way through the throngs of people.

GM’s last instruction was to turn right.

Well, looking at the tightness of the gap and trying to figure out the width and length of the car and whether we’d make it without a scratch or a dent, or worse, getting lodged in the gap, was nerve wracking. But Baz drives like a pro and he actually made it!

I saw our hotel in front of us. “That’s it!”

“Are you sure?” Baz asked. “It’s a burger house.”

“I think so,” self-doubt crept in. “Yeah, it’s a boutique hotel.” It is called The Route Hotel but it also had a sign saying Burger House outside so it was a bit confusing.

Baz parked to one side and turned off the engine. We both breathed a huge sigh of relief. I went in to check we had the right place. The manager was so welcoming and helpful. He even parked the car off the road for us.

We were soon in our room (one of seven) and it was as pretty as the rest of the hotel that we’d seen. Everywhere in the hotel is like eye candy, so beautifully decorated, and the room was just as attractive. The hotel is also extremely clean and all of the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful.

It rained for most of the day so we had a rest in the hotel, which I think is what Baz needed as it was only a couple of days since he’d had the issue with his side.

The best burgers!

Online reviews showed that not only did the The Route Hotel get 4.8 stars, but so did their burgers. And as evening arrived, we realised we were ready to eat. We sat enjoying a drink in the little bar area and watched the manager putting up a huge umbrella outside in the courtyard. He moved it close to the fireplace that he’d just lit and proceeded to set up a table and chairs under it. Then he came over to us and asked us if we’d like to sit by the fire. How’s that for service? We did and ordered two burgers from their extensive burger menu (they also do other food too).

Baz chose the Original Burger and I ordered the French Burger –with Roquefort cheese. Yum. No sooner had the wine been opened than the burgers arrived nicely presented with crispy chips in little trays. There were a couple of house made sauces too and the usual basket of condiments that you get with chips and burgers in Turkey.

The whole experience was delightful. Beautiful surroundings. Crackling fire as night drew in. My lovely husband who was recovering from his recent health scare. Tasty food and wine. What more could I want. What a lucky girl.

The following morning we set out to explore a bit of the Old Town and head off to the Museum before the rain started. In the video, you see some of the Old Town streets as we drive up the hill to the hotel, and that morning we walk through some other picturesque roads as we make our way to Ataturk House.

If you’d like to see what I’ve just written about, then check out this week’s video here.

Until next week, I wish you health, wealth, courage and a healthy dose of wisdom, as you take the actions to bring your dreams to life.

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