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Aannsha’s Blog #215 – Republic Day and a Holiday

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

We’ve made some great new friends since we settled in Turkey’s Finike marina. Two of them are Ant and Cid from SV Impavidus. They and a buddy boat had travelled down to Finike for winter and arrived on Pontoon B (just along from us) on the bright and sunny 28th of October.

Because we’d been in contact with them, we took our drone and the Canon camera over to the marina wall and filmed their arrival. They’ve been kind enough to share drone footage with us and we were able to reciprocate, giving them some footage that they’ve been able to use on their YouTube channel.

Ant is a font of information on many subjects and both he and Cid have a great sense of humour and we’ve become great friends, sharing a few meals and many good conversations.

Turkish Republic Day in Finike

The 29th of October is a day that’s celebrated Turkey-wide to remember the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We’ve enjoyed these celebrations twice before in Kaş and we were curious to see how it is celebrated in Finike. We spent the evening with two other friends Franco and Anna and you can see watch the festivities on this week’s video. We weren’t disappointed!

Not finding fish

Barbecue Sunday in the marina was coming up and the day before we decided to buy more fish. Baz reckoned there would be a fish shop (as an outlet for the trawlers) at one end of the marina wall where the trawlers berth. Come along with us this week as we check out that area, noting along the way at how good the holding is in the bay. But did we find the fish shop?

After four years – a holiday!

Living on a yacht is often like being on holiday, especially during the warmer months, when we stay at delightful anchorages and swim off the back of the boat in crystal clear, azure water. But we also spend about 40 hours each week filming and editing our videos, creating closed captions (subtitles) and answering many viewers’ questions on various social media and email. So as you can imagine, there are times when A B Sea seems like a working office rather than a holiday home.

So when our good friends Michel and Canan announced that they would be travelling from their German home to Kaş to stay in their apartment we looked forward to seeing them. When they invited us to stay with them in their apartment we (well I) got hyper excited! I know Baz quietly anticipated our time away but he keeps his emotions close to his chest.

When we mentioned our plans to Jim, he suggested that we also stay with him for a couple of nights. What can I say, I was like a kid before Christmas!

Rather than take A B Sea, we decided to take a dolmuş (a bus) and this turned out to be a great idea. It was quick (wait until you see how easy it was to flag one down) and very inexpensive, at 20 TL or AU$ 2.15 each. Michel met us just up from the bus station and took us to their flat where Canan greeted us. We had a wonderful time with them and they kindly took us out for dinner at Smiley’s where you can see us devouring a massive freshly caught fish!

Our stay with them was over quickly – time sure does fly when you’re with best buddies – and they drove us down to Kaş marina.

Walking down our old Pontoon B to Jim’s yacht was a bit weird as although it had been our home for months, it now felt as if we were visiting a holiday destination. As I mentioned, “last night we stayed in an apartment-hotel. Tonight we’re staying on a yacht!” What a posh holiday we were having.

It was great seeing Jim again and while outside the temperature had dropped, with intermittent rain, inside of SV Acheron it was toasty warm. It really helped the atmosphere with his large flat screen TV showing a crackling log fire. Another joke was little After Eight mints that he’d put on our pillows. This came about because the first time he’d come to spend the night with us on A B Sea I’d made up his cabin, turning down the covers and arranging his towels as you’d expect in a little hotel room. Jim had been quite touched by this as I recall, but we also had a laugh when he’d said “What, no chocolate on the pillows?” So here we were on Acheron, with chocolates!

We end the video this week with Baz ‘overheating’ in front of Jim’s log fire.

I don’t want to leave this blog without mentioning that we also caught up with Kev at Alp’s Wine House at Kaş marina. And that we enjoyed being treated to a wonderful meal with old friends Mike and Elaine (from Spicy Lady) – thanks guys. And Claire it was great to spend time with you too that evening. On the day that we returned to Finike, Mike and Elaine were getting a taxi to Antalya airport, so they kindly offered us a lift back to the marina.

All in all, we had an absolutely wonderful holiday in Kaş.

If you’d like to see what I’ve just written about, then check out this week’s video here.

Until next week, I wish you health, wealth, courage and a healthy dose of wisdom, as you take the actions to bring your dreams to life.

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