Mermaid's Treasures

Aannsha has a history as a professional artist using various media

including watercolours and acrylics (painting small images to murals

for businesses), wet-felting and eco-printing. She now also loves to make

sea-inspired jewellery and art. 

"The beauty of this type of jewellery, which I call Mermaid's Treasures,"

Aannsha says, "Is that even though I may make two similar pieces, they are

never identical due to Nature's amazing diversity.  So every item is unique.


"I've designed and hand made all of these pieces from a mix of shells, sea glass,

freshwater pearls and semi precious stones.  I mainly use sterling silver wire or copper wire to make wrapping, although on some of the bottles the nets are made using coloured wire.  I have also added resin pieces which look like little rock pools and ocean waves."

"I also really love weaving the wire-wrapping to look like netting, as it reminds me of fishermen's nets.  Some pieces are inspired by Conservation - one pendant is made of a piece of found coral with sterling silver wire wrapped around it, just like old fishing line. Hopefully as a reminder to take litter home with you."

Aannsha is also putting together some tutorial videos of the techniques she uses.

Mermaid lying on rock with bikini

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