Beginning a new life in a new country, in a totally different lifestyle to the one we had before, has meant we've had to buy lots of new gear.  Partly because it is a new lifestyle, but also because we were limited with weight allowances on the planes from Australia to Spain, so we had to drastically downsize.


We have outlayed on many purchases - from yacht parts (and the yacht herself!), to sailing books, to kitting the boat out so we can live aboard in our new home, to new scuba gear, and even art and jewellery materials for Aannsha's work.  We're also committed to bringing you fabulous photos and videos of our new life, so you can feel as if you're on the adventure with us and that has also seen us purchasing lots of filming equipment, laptops, and editing equipment.

All of this has meant that we have researched the equipment we use, and have chosen what we consider the best for our situation.  Every item and service we recommend on this website is gear that we use personally.  We don't receive sponsorship for anything so you can be sure that what we list is stuff we think is worth letting you know about.

Most of the links on this site are non-paying affiliate links with Amazon. 

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