Aannsha’s Blog #151 – Kekova and engine oil

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

What now?

So, there we were, tootling along happily to Kekova with our buddy boats Acheron (Jim) and Barbara Ann (Kev) with the intention of staying for a few nights in different anchorages. Last time we went to Kekova (in 2019), we lost AIS and the autopilot went on the blink, so we had to cut our visit short.

I was so looking forward to returning to Kekova which is a stunning location of islands, inlets, a fort and sunken Lycian ruins, less than four hours away by boat.

All was going relatively well until we got within 45 minutes of our first anchorage, although we did have a tad more light coloured smoke coming out of the exhaust than before. And then the oil pressure light began to intermittently flicker on, accompanied by a beep. We weren’t sure if it was simply a loose connection, but the beeping completely stopped when Baz put the engine into full revs of 2,500rpm to clear soot out of the engine and turbo just before anchoring.

After that, the beeping became more frequent until it was pretty much a continuous sound as we anchored in Sıçak Koyu, the first large inlet to port as you enter Kekova Roads.

We hurriedly anchored – easy as our anchor squelched into mud – and turned off the engine. Silence reigned.

What was up now? There wasn’t much Baz could do because he wanted to check the oil level with the dipstick and the engine had to be cool to do that, so we got ourselves sundowners, chilled in the cockpit and decided to put it all behind us until the morning.

Low Oil

The following morning Baz couldn’t remember if he’d double-dipped the dipstick (wiping the first high level of oil off and re-dipping to get a true reading) when he’d W.O.B.B.L.E.D. the engine the previous day before we left Kaş marina. However when he did double dip this time he discovered the oil level was far too low. In fact, it took 2 litres of oil to fill it up!

Once again the engine took our attention.

Special delivery!

As it was the beginning of September, we had postcards for our $10 and up patrons, and Jim as a patron was no exception. But why mail him a card when he was a few hundred yards swim away from A B Sea?

I double-bagged his postcard in ziplock bags and, sure I had a watertight package, I swam over to Acheron. Jim was chuffed that I’d delivered his card and I was delighted to be able to have a little fun creating a segment for this wee