Aannsha’s Blog #152 – The engine’s fixed!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I absolutely love Kekova Roads. That’s the area of anchorages behind Kekova island about 4 hours south/east of Kaş. Last time, we left Sicak Koyu and headed to another bay further into the Roads, just east of Üçağız, where we dropped anchor in about 5 metres of water with our Mantus digging securely into the thick mud.

How the other half live

While we were anchored in east Üçağız bay, we heard the soft thud, thud of a helicopter’s blades whirring and going up on deck we saw a helicopter on the back of a super yacht take off and fly away! Wow, imagine having the money to not only own a very large motor yacht with staff but also a helicopter (painted to match) that you could pilot! That stretches my imagination actually.

The helicopter returned a while later and we managed to get some footage of the pilot expertly landing on the deck. Amazing.

Üçağız east bay

This bay was very handy to stay at as it was close to both Üçağız where the restaurants and shops are and we also found a back path up to the hilltop fort that overlooks the bay as well as Lycian tombs. There’s plenty of room to anchor and the depths are Goldilocks good – not too shallow, not too deep - with excellent holding in sticky mud.

It’s not the quietest anchorage in the area though, with lots of tourist boats coming and going throughout the day, making their way to and from Üçağız and Kaleköy where the restaurant jetties are, as well as other anchorages in the area. But it’s a stunningly beautiful area nonetheless and while the noise disturbed Baz, I have to say it was just background noise that faded from my consciousness after a while. There was so much picturesque eye candy to look at in the surroundings.

While I was there I swam to both shores, and as I approached the mainland I noticed cold currents of fresh water from underground streams providing cool patches in the bath hot summer water in the bay close to the land. The light grey rocks typical of that area came all the way into the water and little fish hugged the submerged rocks that were covered with pale green-brown vegetation.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kekova and can’t wait to return as there are so many little bays that we are yet to discover. We made it back to Kaş marina without event but were glad to have Kev and Jim following us just in case the engine completely ‘spat the dummy’ to coin a great Australian phrase.

Who ya gonna call?