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Barry's Blog #188 - Writers block

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

This week's blog is going to be my shortest one ever. For some reason I simply cannot get my writers brain to function and make the words flow like they normally do.

Karacaören restaurant, 6 hours to the north west of Kaş, is a favourite stop of ours along the Turkish coast and Can's restaurant, like many others, had been through some lean times so we were glad that we could visit and put some business his way.

A B Sea, Barbara Ann and one other yacht were the only customers in the mooring field so getting a table at the restaurant was not a problem. The food as always was tasty and even though the menu prices had gone up since last time we visited it was still good value.

At sunset the mosquitoes made their presence known, but luckily Can had a low tech easy fix for that problem. Smoking wood ashes from the BBQ pit shovelled into a wheelbarrow and trundled around between the tables filled the area with a nice smoky haze and the mosquitoes all disappeared which left us able to enjoy some nice wine and great after dinner conversation with Kev.

Line ashore

Along the Turkish coast the most common method of anchoring is to take a line ashore. It is a thing that is done countless times every day, but it is a thing that we've only ever done once. So when we wanted to move on from the mooring field I thought that it would be a good idea to take our dinghy across to Gemiler island and check out the lay of the land.

After looking at the line ashore spots Kev and I decided that it would be much easier to just drop our anchors and swing freely in Gemiler Bay.

At some point in time we must practice and become competent with taking a line ashore.

Once we had both boats securely anchored we went ashore to put our rubbish into the bins and check out the Gemiler Bay restaurant. The food there is tasty and cheap and the beer is cold and fizzy.

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