Barry's Blog #185 - Wind, no wind, wind

Updated: Jul 3

As we began day two of our 'mad dash to Kaş' there was a palpable feeling of urgency on board A B Sea.

It was fuelled by the fact that we had to be back at Kaş marina by the time the full Turkish lockdown began at 17:00 hours on Thursday. Today was Wednesday and we were about to lift our anchor and depart the anchorage at Knidos.

My eyes popped open at 05:30 and ten minutes later I was on deck and witnessing the last of the full moon before she slid slowly and silently behind the hills.

I did my usual check around the deck and scoped out the other vessels that had shared the anchorage with us. Two in particular were of interest because somewhere between them lay our anchor. Luckily there was no wind so it wouldn't be too problematic manoeuvring close to them to retrieve it and then head out between the red and green buoys marking the safe channel out of the bay.

Plan changes again

We safely departed Knidos at 06:25 with a plan that we'd spend the next 10 hours heading for Marmaris. It was the next place where fuel was available.

During our first hour of passage we caught up on messages and emails, the vast majority of which fleshed out more details of the coming lockdown and there were some helpful suggestions from some of our patrons about our plan to get back to Kaş.

Armed with new info, I fired up my laptop and began doing some calculations. If instead of going to Marmaris, we stopped overnight at Bozukkale, we'd be saving 4.5 hours of fuel and time and we'd still have enough fuel on board to make it to Kaş the following day.

The plan changed and we were now going to be spending Wednesday night anchored at Bozukkale. That was only 6 hours away instead of the 10 hours to Marmaris and we could spend the extra time finishing off our latest video and writing our blogs. Our final hop to Kaş would still be 13 hours as the distance from either Bozukkale or Marmaris back to Kaş was the same.

Wind all over the place

We get a lot of flak from viewers who ask us why we motor so much. The reason is the fickle nature of the wind around the Mediterranean. The region we're currently in generally has a prevailing wind from the north and north west and it can gust quite strongly. When the prevailing wind doesn't blow there's not much that replaces it, apart from some localised wind coming off the mountains or around the corner of a headland. These localised winds don't last long so there's no point getting our sails out for 15 minutes of wind.

Our wind experience on our trip from Knidos to Bozukkale was a perfect example of everything above. The only time it was of any use to us was when we were heading south down the east coast of the Greek island of Symi. We only had the head sail out and still managed to get 8.4 knots of speed over ground. Which we were very pleased with.

Bozukkale restaurant jetties

There are 3 restaurant jetties in Bozukkale bay and the best protected one is the first one to port as you enter the bay. We approached closely