Barry's Blog #176 - Marmaris is a dangerous place to be

Updated: May 1

If you own a boat, Marmaris is a dangerous place to be.

I'd recommend deciding on a spending limit, drawing only that amount of cash from an ATM and leaving your credit card at home before going out to the street with all of the ships chandlers along it. Otherwise it could end in tears.

We were in Marmaris for a week and to be honest, apart from arriving and leaving, we didn’t film anything. Before we arrived we had plans to visit this place and that place and do quite a bit of filming. But those plans never eventuated.

Instead we began spending our time by contacting a local Turkish guy called Chelly. Our mate Kev, who's spent a lot of time in Marmaris, recommended him as the 'go to' guy for getting stuff done in Marmaris.

After two winters of doing boat jobs we had a smallish collection of bits and pieces that we couldn't find locally ourselves due to a combination of not knowing where to look and the language barrier.

Once we'd tied up at Setur Netsel marina, Kev texted Chelly and within an hour he was standing at the back of A B Sea ready to help out. His English is very good and after showing him what we wanted and what it was used for so that he could buy alternatives if needed, he said he'd be back the following day and headed off.

We put A B Sea to bed and switched things around to a boat that doesn't move - think computers, hard drives and items that could break - and began downloading footage from our cameras. Then it was long hot showers, dinner, a movie in the princess suite and an early night.

Chelly returns

Tuesday was our second day in Marmaris and as usual it was a race to the finish line with getting our weekly video finished, uploaded to YouTube and released on time to our Patrons who get to see the video ad free and four days ahead of our YouTube viewers.

That job was completed by lunchtime and as if by magic that was when Chelly was once again standing at our boat clutching a plastic bag full of all the little bits and pieces we'd asked for. Even he couldn't find some of the original items that we'd wanted but he explained the alternatives that he'd got and said that if they were not suitable he could take them back.

Everything was great as far as I could see and I asked him how much I owed. He said "300 Lira will cover everything." I considered that a good price (AU$46) considering all of the running around he must've done and the time that he'd saved us.

Thanking Chelly he wandered off with a smile and a wave and I got stuck in to applying the small parts to various places around the boat. Tick, tick, tick… It was so mentally satisfying to finally tick off tiny little jobs, some of which had been on the list for nearly 2 years.

East Marine for boat bits

The following day, Wednesday, after spending a couple of hours managing our social media, replying to comments, emails and private messages, we donned our empty back packs and walked the short distance from the marina to the chandlers street. We've been there a few times but it never gets old. However we do now have a new method of ticking things off our shopping list.