Barry's Blog #169 - Extrovert turned introvert

Updated: Mar 13

I've rewritten the start of this blog half a dozen times because I make some statements that might offend some people. This version is the best I can do to explain my thoughts and feelings.

Extrovert turned introvert

If asked, I would say that I'm not really cut out for marina life. I've become an introvert, which is a really odd thing because I was a DJ for 20 years and I was definitely an extrovert during that time.

These days I like solitude, I enjoy my own company and I love the tranquillity of a peaceful anchorage.

On the other hand marina life for me means living in close proximity to neighbours on all sides and saying hello to many people every day. Sometimes trying to find my own space is a challenge in the marina environment. That may sound antisocial but it's not meant to be taken that way.

We do have a small and close group of friends in the marina that we like to hang out with, share meals and have great conversations. But my mind, heart and soul are always hungry for living at anchor, enjoying the solitude, peace and quiet and having the freedom to head for the horizon at a moment's notice just to see what's over there.

Needs must

During the Mediterranean winter only the most diehard sailors will live at anchor and with everything I've said above, there's no doubt in my mind that the best place to winter is in a marina.

The benefits are obvious; long hot Hollywood showers, normal toilets, shore side electricity and water, easy supermarket shopping, buying boat bits and access to shore side technical help and most importantly a safe place to hide from the savage winter storms.

But the reality for me is that I'm not cut out for marina life. I really do prefer living at anchor. This realisation was brought home this week as we finally were able to slip the lines and go somewhere else. Ironically our destination was Finike marina just 6 hours to the east of Kaş.

To Finike

Pulling out from our berth at Kas marina

With our 12 month Setur marina contract there's a bonus that we can stay for up to 30 days at each of the other Setur marinas in the group. If we were able to max that usage it would total 270 days of free stay time and we'd only spend 95 days at our 'home base' marina. We'd have to sail really hard and fast to max out our free stay time, that's why Setur can offer this bonus with confidence that it can never be fully utilized.

Now that A B Sea was ship shape after the extensive and prolonged maintenance jobs we'd done on her over winter it was time to blow off the cobwebs and do a proper shakedown cruise.

We deliberately chose a windless day to make the 6 hour trip to Finike because we wanted to test our engine after the top end rebuild, the installation of the new turbo unit and the new starter motor and solenoid.