Barry's Blog #167 - Busy doing nothing

Updated: Feb 27

My blog last week was pitifully brief and the main reason for that was because I left it until the very last minute to write it. This wasn't a moment of uncharacteristic procrastination on my behalf, it was many moments of other stuff just getting in the way.

Most of Saturday was spent replying to comments on our latest YouTube video and responding to private messages and emails. Then late on Saturday afternoon Aannsha and I were discussing what footage we had for the following week's video and it turns out it wasn't a lot.

Looking at our options we came up with a plan to sail to Kekova for an overnight stop before continuing further east to spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Finike marina before returning to Kaş marina on Thursday. Checking the Interwebs, the wind and weather looked favourable and we were excited to be finally getting out of Kaş and just being somewhere else.

On Sunday we prepped A B Sea as much as we could, swapping out storm lines for slip lines, topping off the fresh water tanks, checking the engine and generally making everything ship shape for an early Monday morning departure from the marina.

However, at around 03:00 on Monday morning, the wind gods changed their minds about giving us favourable conditions as the wind began to blow really hard from the east, that was the direction we wanted to go. By the time 09:00 rolled around it was obvious that we weren't going anywhere.

New kid on the block

Kristjan has just bought a 2017 Leopard 48 catamaran and before he arrived in Kaş he asked me to check it over and let him know if there was anything that needed attention. We're going to do a special episode on Kris's boat so I won't go into much detail right now, suffice to say that it is an ex-charter boat and has been storm damaged.

Roll forward a couple of weeks and Kris arrived at Kaş marina from the United States of America armed with as many boat parts and spares as he could fit into his luggage. Even with all that after a good look around his boat he still managed to write up a significant list of more boat stuff he needed and asked me where best to buy it all. I'd already spent a morning showing Kris around Kaş and pointing out the useful stores and workshops and looking at his list it was obvious that a trip to Marmaris would be needed. Tuesday was the designated shopping day and we set off at 07:30 hrs for the 3 hour drive. Boat stuff bought, takeaway lunch eaten in the back office of East Marine chandlery store and we were back in Kaş by 19:00 hrs.

Social time

On Wednesday we did some social media stuff in the morning, visited Jim and Suzzie on Acheron for a late lunch and drinks, then on the way back to A B Sea we stopped by Spicy Lady for a couple of drinks and a long chat. I was certainly in no fit state to write a blog that evening.

On Thursday it seemed like everyone visited us on board A B Sea and I simply could not get into the flow of writing a blog.

Friday was my last chance to write before our blog and vlog release time of 09:00 hrs (local time) on Saturday and as you will have seen it certainly wasn't the most entertaining or prolific blog I've ever written and all of the above are the reasons why.

Winter is here

Although the winter weather here at Kaş is generally mild, we've always known that February would be the month with the worst of it. You may recall that we actually went out and bought an oil filled electric radiator in the first month of being in Turkey in prepa