Barry's Blog #163 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Updated: Jan 30

Even though we're not sailing at the moment we still check the weather every morning. Unfortunately weather prediction around the area of Kaş can be unreliable, in particular wind speed prediction and right now we're starting to see the first of the big winter winds coming through.

When we come stern to into our berth at the marina we use two blue, light weight, floating throw lines just to get initially tied off. They have no chafe protection and if we left them on through the winter they'd eventually chafe through and break. That's not good.

The first big wind of the winter began in the middle of December around 03:00 hours and brought some rain with it. Around 09:00 hours there was a break in the rain and that's when Aannsha and I took the opportunity to swap out the light weight floating throw lines for our purpose-specific chafe protected storm lines.

There are four of them, two black lines with short lengths of 8mm (0.31 inch) galvanised anchor chain attached where they go over the pontoon cleat and big metal compression springs inline.

There are also two very long blue lines, again with spliced loops protected from chaffing on the pontoon cleat by thick plastic hose around the loop.

After about 20 minutes we had all four storm lines on and A B Sea was ready for riding out the winds.

Another indicator that we were in for some big winds was spotting the powerful intercept vessel of the Kaş coast guard tied up at the marina just in front of the fuel pontoon. The vessel is usually stationed at the entrance to Kaş harbour. If they were at the marina it was a sure sign that we were in for some heavy weather.

The forecast was for the wind to build over the next 24 hours and peak at 43 knots (80kph - 50mph). We got lucky and the reality was not as bad as the prediction. But we did get lots of rain with small hailstones thrown in for good measure. The following day was bright and beautiful as the black clouds and wind disappeared to the west.

Baz gets pampered again

I usually have my haircut by Aannsha, which involves finding a nice secluded grassy spot where I can sit on a chair dressed only in a pair of shorts, a towel around my shoulders and a head of dripping wet hair. It was now winter and I wasn't brave enough to endure the cold.

Aannsha suggested that I walk into town and visit our friendly barber Oktay. He was the guy that gave me the full on Turkish pampering session last time were overwintered in Kaş. You can watch that whole process in episode #046.

That sounded like a good suggestion to me and I made the most of the sunny weather and walked into Kaş town. Oktay recognised me (or maybe the camera in my hand jogged his memory) and gestured for me to sit in the comfy barber's chair.

I hadn't slept much the previous night due to keeping one ear open on the boat noises during the wind and rain and I was feeling pretty grotty. However a full shave and a haircut later from the skilled and gentle hands of Oktay and I felt a thousand times better, I also looked a thousand times better too. The whole thing cost 60 Turkish Lira, which converts to AU$10.60. Bargain.

Christmas gifts

Back at the boat we'd had a package delivered from Switzerland and Aannsha was eager to open it because she knew what was in it.

Heinz and Heidi, who sent us the Brillean cleaning products to try out, had once again sent us some Swiss treats for Christmas. We love Swiss chocolate and this year they'd also included a bag of Swiss biscuits. They were very tasty, flavoured with orange, star anise and cinnamon.