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Aannsha’s Blog #160 – Brillean Giveaways & Engine Test

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Baz and Kev did a great job of rebuilding the engine and I’ll include a link to that video if you’re interested in watching it: just click here.

Obviously after that they had to fire it up and see if it actually worked. Baz was a tad anxious, although Kev who’s rebuilt many an engine in his former life said it would be fine. There were a couple of minor hiccups at first. Once because they’d forgotten to switch the fuel line to the ‘ON’ position, so the engine kept cutting out as it was being starved of diesel. The only other issue which was small, but looked worrying was, when the engine did fire up and tick over, there was a lot – and I mean a veritable cloud – of white smoke spewing out of the exhaust. Uh-oh.

As I said, it wasn’t anything major at all. Baz had simply injected a bit of oil into the engine pre-ignition, so the turbo would be nicely lubricated until the rest of the oil made it through to protect its moving parts. He’d merely overestimated how much oil he’d need to do that and the result was white smoke billowing out as the excess burned off.

After that, our Yanmar, the wonderfully steadfast heart of the boat, ticked over like a new engine. There is a little tapping from one of the tappets but Kev said it’s not an issue and we can redo the gaps once the boat’s been out running for a while, allowing everything to ‘settle in’.

The look on Barry’s face when he realised it was all working tickety-boo was great to see. When he looked over at Kev, Kev just said “I told ya!” Lol.

All we need to do next is take A B Sea out for a quick run and put her in full throttle so we know everything is totally in working order. We’ll leave that until next week.


While all that was happening we received a very large box from our friends Heinz and Heidi who originally gave us two tubs of Brillean to review on our YouTube channel. We found the stuff absolutely amazing as it literally cleans effortlessly – even rust stains that I’d been unable to remove from the GRP. It also polishes and gives a lovely shine. All while being human, animal and environment friendly. So when Heinz noticed that we’d nearly run out of his original gift, he said he’d send us some more. We were expecting two more tubs.

We received a 2.8Kg (6lb) tub of the stuff! And three bottles of the hand cleaner. Plus lots of little tubs, microfiber cloths and very durable sponges to use with the product. We’ve turned those into giveaways and you can see us handing three out in the marina – and watch how well it worked on rust-remover damage to a brand new stainless steel sink.

If you are in the Kaş area of Turkey and you’d like a sample pack of Brillean products, come on over (between correct lockdown times of course), as we still have a few left. If you’re not able to get to us but would like to purchase some of Brillean’s products from Heinz and Heidi, their web address is

But wait there’s more: To get free sponges, just mention A B Sea when you contact them.

Plus Heinz is offering free shipping for orders over CA$50.

Choosing our anchorages

We've been asked to share how we choose a good anchorage (or one that suits us). Baz goes into detail in this week's YouTube video if you're interested.

So what a great week! A newly rebuilt and working engine. And lots of fantastic gifts.

Until next week, I wish you a very pleasant week, taking action to bring your dreams to life.


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