Barry's Blog #146 - Gunky fuel, dead diodes and time travel

Have you ever had a moment in time when you're mentally juggling too many balls and you drop all of the balls because you're just overloaded?

Looking back at the footage we had for this week's episode, we've definitely just been through one of those moments in time.

We missed filming the tech guys being on the boat, we didn't get enough b-roll and I had a hard time stringing together a coherent sentence and correctly naming various boat bits.

Everything at once

So what were we mentally juggling that was so distracting?

Firstly there was the issue of the continually fizzing prop shaft anode. Which we suspected was being caused by either stray DC current running through the prop shaft or that the anode was made of magnesium. Neither theory could be verified while we were traveling through the Greek islands or at anchor.

Fizzing prop shaft anode

Then there was the dinghy outboard engine which we'd had serviced the day before we left Limini harbour on Evia island, Greece. It decided to stop running when we were at anchor at Samos island.

We also had an issue with the main engine alternator potentially not charging the starter or bow thruster batteries.

Throw into that mix that we needed to exit Greek territorial waters before the end of the month or we'd have to pay another whole month of Greek cruising tax even if we only used a single day of it and there was also the unknown factor of either Greece or Turkey instantly closing their borders due to new Covid-19 restrictions.

Not much to worry about at all really.

D-Marin Marina at Didim

As I mentioned in last week's blog our check into Turkey at the D-Marin Marina at Didim was seamless thanks to enlisting the services of Atilla, the resident check in/check out agent.

Once we were checked in there was a mental sigh of relief that at least we were now in Turkey and within reasonable sailing distance we had access to some of the best yacht maintenance services Turkey had to offer.

After a long Hollywood shower, a superb meal with our old mate Jim and his son Matt, we had an early night and collapsed into a long slumber.

The next day we began our search for a tech that could help us with our outboard engine issue and a tech that could troubleshoot our alternator and maybe give us some better direction as to why our shaft anode was fizzing.

The outboard engine issue turned out to be an operator error due to a lack of knowledg