Aannsha’s Blog #139 – What a crazy week!

Oh boy, what a crazy, busy week it was. When Baz watched the rough draft edit that I’d put together, he said he couldn’t believe how much we’d achieved in just seven days. I said that probably explained why we’ve been knackered each night LOL!!

So here’s a quick rundown of what we got up to … and yes, we did get to show you the installation of the cutlass bearing!

Antifouling the hull

We painted the second half of the hull with the first layer of antifoul. Once that had dried, we painted the full hull with a second layer. Each layer of this particular Boera paint needs 6 hours to dry before the next application. Of course, before we painted we had to mask the top of the area above the waterline to give it a nice neat edge. Using two stepladders, we got into a good rhythm with one of us masking a section while the other placed their ladder further along, so we sort of leap-frogged our way along both sides of the hull.

Editing takes priority time-wise

In between jobs, I edited the next video as we release a vlog every Saturday, but share it earlier with all of our Patrons. This means I must begin working on the episode on Sunday (Monday at the latest) so I can hand it over to Barry to add the beginning segment, the credits at the end, do any fine-tune editing, then upload it to YouTube and share the link for our patrons a few days before general release date.

Saying goodbye to more friends

Our good friends Renate and Wolfgang left the boatyard on their catamaran, Meerkat of Cowes. It was a sad day for us as they’d become good friends and they’d been very kind to us during lockdown by doing our weekly shopping – and we’d had a few good meals and Friday night gatherings with them.

On a less important note, it also meant that unless another liveaboard boatie turned up, Baz and I were going to be the last ones in the boatyard with no-one to wave goodbye! Editing-wise, I added an adjustment layer to fade the video colours to blue, to show how sad we were feeling. Baz got some good drone shots of the launch, and I got knee deep into the water (holding the camera with a vice grip) and took some interesting footage of Xaris under the catamaran, releasing the prop stands. I’m impressed that Livaditis Boat Yard are able to haul out and launch boats of all shapes and sizes.

Our friends leave the boatyard

Getting the cutlass bearing IN!

As you’ll know if you’ve been following us for some time, the cutlass bearing has been a bit of a saga. It was finally delivered and we both had baited breath while Baz attempted to fit it in the P-bracket.

Was it the right size? Would it fit?

Happily and to our immense relief, it slipped in fairly easily. So Baz called the guy (who’d pulled out the old one) and he made short work of fitting the bearing and tapping a couple of screw holes to hold the bearing in place.