Aannsha’s Blog #120 – We want crew to sail where?

I know, we were heading towards the Atlantic this year but …

Our plans have changed.

If you’re not going to the Atlantic, where are you going?

We’re going back to Turkey!

Why? What’s happened?

Crew wanted!

Nothing’s happened, but we’ve been re-evaluating our situation and want to take crew on board this year. More about that later.

We’ve also realised that heading out to the Atlantic will mean spending several weeks in the countries west of Greece (obviously lol) and possibly having to spend a month or two in Spain or Gibraltar. After doing the research, it turns out that the further west we go, the higher the cost of living gets, and coupled with the poor exchange rate of the Euro to our Australian dollar, we felt a bit edgy.

Exchange rates

As you can see the exchange rate for Euros/Aussie dollars isn’t good for us. We only get 61 Euro cents for every Australian dollar.

Compare this to Turkish Lira / Aussie dollars exchange rate. For every Aussie dollar we get 4 Turkish Liras.

Cost of marinas

Also, looking at many of the stretches of Italian, French and Spanish coastlines, there are a lot fewer safe, sheltered anchorages (compared to Greece and Turkey) if the wind picks up or changes direction, which means we’d very likely have to spend much more time in marinas as we travel west than we’d originally anticipated.

In Spain alone, marina prices (and I’ve checked fourteen of them) range from AU$7,000 to AU$21,000 for 12 months. That is AU$19 – AU$57 per day if you divide the annual rate by 365. But actual daily rates are higher. For instance, while the annual rate to stay at the yacht port of Cartagena is EUR 5,062.90 / AU$8170, one night at Cartagena marina actually costs 32.76 Euros / AU$55.40. A month would cost us 452.20 Euros / AU$764.92. If we stayed over winter (as we’d need to if we remained in the Med), you can figure out the cost for yourself.

Given that we’d also probably have to stay a month or so to do final boat maintenance (including getting a code zero sail which is another cost) before crossing the Pond, all of those amounts start to add up.

Cost of living

For us, coupled with the Euro/Aussie Dollar exchange rate, the cost of living in Europe is crazy. Even in Greece. Here’s a chart which shows a comparison courtesy of