Aannsha’s Blog #105 – On my own on A B Sea

Did you know that Baz used to be a well-known DJ in Tenerife, Canary Islands in the 80s and 90s? We met when I was 22 and he was a mere 19 years old and he was DJ-ing then at weddings, clubs and pubs. We set up home together in the UK after living and working in the south of France, but it didn’t work out as we were trying to settle down too soon, too young.

I went on my own adventures and Baz headed over to Tenerife, working as a club and radio DJ there for 10 years.

DJ Baz on the right

When he discovered through Facebook that there was going to be a 30 year Tenerife reunion in the UK in early October, I encouraged him to go as we were so close – in the Aegean Sea, Greece. Our sailing journey took us via the Greek islands and then on up to the mainland to Varkiza Bay which is close to Athens airport.

Putting on a brave face

While I was encouraging Baz to go and genuinely happy that he was going to catch up with his old Tenerife ‘family’ again, a part of me became increasingly nervous. I put on a brave face though because the last thing he needed was to worry about me or A B Sea while he was away. One of the reasons we were anchoring in Varkiza was because it has good protection from the prevailing north wind (Meltemi) and the sea bed was sand, making holding very good. It was easy to take the dinghy to shore as we could tie up in the little fishing harbour and we also had a good friend and follower, Nikos, who lived close enough in Porto Rafti that he offered to come over if I needed assistance.

Sudden change of plans

However, as Baz’s departure for the UK got closer, the weather prediction sites began to show a different picture to the normal northerly winds. Southerlies. If that was the case, A B Sea would be on a lee shore as Varkiza Bay is totally exposed to the south with a lot of fetch, meaning the wave height could become untenable at anchor. At short notice – literally the day before – as we’d had to hire a car and drive to Athens to buy and then install new house batteries which had suddenly died earlier that week – we upped anchor and headed further north to the only bay we could see that was protected from the south, which was still close enough to the airport. That bay was Kavouri and in the sun, it is a very pretty spot, which makes it popular to Athens residents at weekends and holidays.

Kavouri Bay, Greek mainland

The morning we made the trip to Kavouri, dark clouds were already gathering. We had to search for the perfect spot to anchor when we arrived. Tucked in behind the headland, but not too close to shore. What made it tricky was finding a large enough patch of sand in the thick weedy bottom for the anchor to dig in. It took us three attempts with me diving the anchor each time, before we were happy that the Mantus was dug in. I got Baz to check on the final time as the anchor was right on the edge of the sand and I was concerned that if the wind changed direction and the anchor reset itself, it may drag over the weed and not dig in enough. That would leave me at the mercy of the wind because on my own I wouldn’t be able to re-anchor.

The Universe sets me a challenge

The anchorage was nice and calm and despite my increasing nervousness about being left on my own, I actually slept fairly well. Checking the weather it looked as if we’d be in for storms that day, Thursday, and Friday with winds predicted for most of the weekend. Great, I thought. The Universe is setting up a challenge for me. We’ve had great, predictable weather for weeks and the weekend I’m in charge of A B Sea, it all gets a bit hairy!