Aannsha’s Blog #99 – heading north to the mainland

“Chewing gum’s not a good look,” said Baz as we reviewed the video. I have to agree, so no more gum on film!

The trip from Serifos to Kythnos, both islands in Greece, was a pleasant five hour passage.

Serifos to Kythnos

We motored, motor sailed and sailed with variable wind until we arrived at Fikiadha bay and dropped 38m of chain in 6 metres of beautiful clear blue water.

Fikiadha bay is drop dead gorgeous with water the colours of aqua, turquoise and ultramarine, depending on how shallow it is and how much of the sandy bottom is shining through.

The bay is cut in half by a sand spit/sand bar. There are three rows of beds with tables and umbrellas and cost for hire per day is 30 Euros for the front row and 20 Euros for the other two rows. Thank goodness there’s a barman to bring you a drink to help you get over the fee!

overlooking Fikiadha bay

Baz and I met some lovely people while we were there:

Hugh and Claudia Mair (from their SY MairMade) are from Texas and they kindly took us out for a delicious meal at the taverna, with their boating companions. It’s always great to catch up with other sailors, and when they’ve been following us, there’s a feeling of connection the moment we meet up!

Jeff and Lena Bey are from Levittown, PA, in the USA. We met them at the hot springs (I’ll tell you about those next) and had a great chat. When we arrived back at A B Sea a crew member on a sparkling tender approached and handed us a bag with four bottles of very fine wine.

Thanks Jeff and Lena Bey!

An accompanying note told us it was from Jeff and Lena and they’re chartering a huge super yacht for Jeff’s retirement. We weren’t able to say thank you in person however as they left for Turkey as soon as their tender returned. Happy retirement Jeff!

Gerd was anchored behind us and he kindly shared information with us of a boatyard 2Km north of Limni on the island of Evia, where we may be able to stay over winter and do work on A B Sea. Of course, this is Brexit dependent as we’re travelling on our British passports, so we’ll let you know as soon as we have definite plans.