Aannsha’s Blog #69 – A B Sea-NN Budget February 2019

Monthly liveaboard costs

A few subscribers have been asking us what our monthly costs are to live aboard A B Sea. So when Baz asked me who should present the figures, I put my hand up. Not because I like facts and figures, oh no, that’s Barry’s department. It was more because I figured that it would be a good opportunity to present a more serious aspect of our sailing life, rather than just fluff around as I usually do.

“Well if you’re going to present that segment – oh and by the way it’ll be a stand-alone episode,” Baz said. “You’ll have to work out where you want to shoot it, how you’re going to present the visuals and what camera you’re going to use.”

He’s such a task master. But fair enough, Barry is usually the one who lies awake at night picturing all of the details of each segment and I usually just turn up and ad lib, as is my general modus operandi. Ad-libbing is great for spontaneous funny moments, outrageous yet safe sexual innuendos, and adds to the ‘you’re here on the boat with us in a genuinely interactive moment’ feeling. But I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say it’s also a tad lazy or perhaps abnegating my responsibility for fear of getting it wrong.

I knew if Baz presented it he would do an awesome job of sharing all of the financial facts in a way that was sincere, interesting and informative. Just watch his presentation of how much our boat purchases cost in The Cost of Buying a Yacht – Episode 027. Even I found it captivating.

I however, generally turn off when I see more than two rows of figures, my eyes just glaze over and my mind soars out of the nearest window to fly with the seagulls. Don’t get me wrong, I can surprise myself with a quick mental calculation once in a while. Just don’t ask me to get too involved in the analytical side of things. So, how on earth was I going to present our monthly budget to everyone in such a way that imparted the facts, yet was interesting to watch?

Had I bitten off more than my director-in-the-making self could chew?

That evening while we were watching a movie, my mind turned inwards trying to conjure up a way to present this segment that not only wouldn’t bore me to death, but it would captivate our viewers.

Suddenly it came to me!

Make it like a news segment. All at once I had a mental picture of a TV newsroom, with a presenter at the Finance Desk, showing the figures, presenting it visually with a pie chart, and perhaps having a conversation with another presenter to analyse the data. Perfect!

I eagerly shared my idea with Baz. “What do you think?”

It was too late in the day to ask him a question as he was nearly asleep and I think his tired brain considered it to be too much of a stretch to be able to create a newsroom on our boat. Feeling shot down in flames, I nonetheless pressed the idea and asked him to sleep on it.

That night I lay awake visualising the details. Then I wondered about how to open it. What would I call the video segment?

A B Sea-NN Finance News

I thought of the TV news stations and the one that stood out was CNN. And every skit I’ve seen of news channels usually alludes to that channel – think CNNNN an old Australia