Aannsha’s Blog #24 – Arty finds, new friends and dirty laundry

I found my arty supplies!

Last week I wrote about my failed attempt to find a shop near San Pedro del Pinatar that sells fine art materials. Just before uploading that blog, I did a wider search on Google and came up with one shop in Murcia City itself that promised to be the art shop of my dreams. After the previous results though, I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

I did hold my breath.

After driving for about 45 minutes to Murcia and finding the CC Nueva Condomina (amazing shopping mall), I headed in at a fast pace, then had to stop and find my bearings. This shopping centre was huge and I had to look for Shop 39 which was on the lower floor. Reaching the end of one side of the ‘Baja’ floor, as I turned a corner, I took a deep breath … held it unconsciously hoping not to be disappointed again … walked some more and yelped out “I’ve found it!”

I practically ran to the shop with Baz keeping up, aiming the video camera on me, then zooming onto the shop front window. It was immediately evident that we’d arrived at a place that would fill my artistic dreams and provide me with the paints, brushes and other materials I was looking for.

Cobalto Art Centre

My relationship with the camera

About the camera. I love taking photos and editing them for our Instagram page. Colours, shapes, design. It’s artistic! I’m also happy to have my own photo taken (I lost my fear of that years ago), and I am quite at ease in front of the video camera when we’re filming; when I’m concentrating on what I’m going to say, I don’t have time to think about anyone who may be watching.

Instagram pics

The thing that I’m still a bit self-conscious about though is walking around the streets, through malls, and into shops, holding the video camera plus the big fluffy dead cat that captures sound yet muffles the wind. Some passers-by don’t notice us. Others are curious. Others show a mixture of anxiety, concern or annoyance on their faces when they see the camera setup. I have no real idea what they’re thinking, but it makes me uneasy. I don’t mind so much if Baz is carrying the thing – it doesn’t bother him at all - he seems immune to anyone else’s reactions. But I still feel myself shrink a little when I walk around brandishing the thing!

It isn’t about wanting privacy for myself – I’m very glad to open up my life (well most of it *wink*) to share with you on YouTube. I love that Baz and I can bring people in on our adventures through the magic of video! It’s great to think we may even be inspiring others to follow their own dreams. I also appreciate the curious turn of events that have brought me to this part of my life where coincidentally I’m fulfilling a childhood wish to become an actress! I know it’s not the same as doing the hard craft of real movie making, but my inner child is happy enough with ‘starring’ i