Aannsha’s Blog #18 – Two dreams, one boat

A jetty appeared in my vision

The Goddess stood silently at the edge of the garden pointing to a part of my inner landscape that I hadn’t discovered before: a jetty in a body of water that ran out into the sea. Moored to the end of a jetty was a white yacht. I looked as closely as I could but there were no distinguishing details at all. If there was anything that I felt for sure about this yacht from the vision, it was that this boat had nothing on it. I asked the Goddess for more information, but she smiled at me blithely, all the while pointing at the boat.

I’d had this vision during a meditation in a group that I facilitated in Australia in October. During our time reflecting on our meditations, I struggled to remember the details of the yacht more closely, as it was important to me. In a few months, once we had sold our house, Baz and I would be moving, possibly to somewhere in Europe, to purchase a yacht to live aboard and travel in our retirement.

“Wow”, I finished sharing the imagery with my meditation group. “I didn’t expect that!”

“Well the meditation was about discovering something of importance,” my friend Sandy replied. “And you do want to know where you’re going to live after you sell your house.”

“True,” I muttered, still mystified. That morning, I hadn’t been asking any questions that I’d wanted answering myself, as I was concentrating on leading the group visualisation. So the yacht vision had come as a complete surprise to me.

A surprise, not because I’d had a clear vision of a garden, a sea and goddess in my head, showing me a boat. All of my life I’ve had dreams and visions that I’ve learned to pay attention to, and I’ve often been guided to make some extraordinary life choices as a result. Once of those choices was to make a phone call (after 12 years of no contact) to my ex, Barry, who at the time was on the other side of the world from me, after I’d had an unexpected dream that he was very unhappy. I was so concerned about him after waking from that dream that I got his Canary Island phone number from his mum and rang him (after a couple of drinks) from my home in Australia. A few months later, Barry had sold all of his belongings and had come to Australia to start a new chapter of life with me. But I digress, this blog is about our boat, not how Baz and I got back together. If you like, you can read that story in full here.

So there I was, weeks before selling our Australian home to jump off the edge of a proverbial cliff into the unknown, and being shown that there was a yacht that was moored somewhere that I felt strongly that we would be led to. I didn’t have a lot to go on, so I figured the best thing I could do was continue to get the house ready for sale, and if Baz and I took one logical step after the other, eventually we’d get to a time and place in which we’d discover our floating home.

Now I know this may sound kooky, but bear with me and you’ll see how it pans out. I’m a firm believer from experience that if you ask sincere questions (of ‘the universe’, ‘God’, ‘your wise inner being’, ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’ or whatever you may choose to call that intuitive aspect of yourself), and stay open (which means getting out of your controlling, logical mind long enough to allow insight to slip through), you will receive a sincere answer (which may come as a dream, insight, aha moment, song, book falling off a shelf or some other random event).

Guidance within

So even though I hadn’t asked a question that particular morning, I had been mentally putting it out there for weeks, that I’d really appreciate finding our new home with ease. I’d read horror stories about dodgy brokers, sinking boats and yacht purchase disasters and I didn’t want us to be telling one of those stories in a future blog. So as well as doing the necessary research, and planning as best as I could with Baz and putting in the appropriate hard work - considering we were going into unfamiliar territory - I was going to accept all the assistance I could get, including inner guidance.

A few weeks later, gut instincts and good sense had us come to Spain as our first stop, as Barry’s brother Phil kindly let us use his holiday apartment in Javea as a base until we found our yacht. Once Christmas and New Year were out of the way, we began our search. Do check out our previous blogs Barry's Blog # 13 and