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Liveaboard Expenses February 2019

A few subscribers have been asking us what our monthly costs are to live aboard A B Sea, so we have itemised them for you here.  We will also compare them to future months, if you’re interested. 

We also made a video outlining these expenses, and put them in a little bonus video called “A B Sea NN Finance News”.  The name came out of a brainstorming session Aannsha had with herself so that she could make presenting figures more fun than just a ‘talking head’ rattling off a list of numbers and categories. She came up with the idea of presenting the video like a TV Newsroom. And as she says in her blog #69:

“I thought of the TV news stations and the one that stood out was CNN.  And every skit I’ve seen of news channels usually alludes to that channel – think CNNNN on an old Australian TV series.  I rolled the letters around in my head … C – N – N … Oh perfect!  You could add A B C to the front and get ABCNN.  Then if you change “C” to Sea, it totally works!  A B Sea-NN!!”

All figures have been converted from Turkish Lira/Euros to Australian Dollars

*Boat bits =  Diesel bug juice, SS omega shackle, 12v red interior light, Loctite, SS polish, 2 x stern springs, 2 x U shackles, 2 x line thimbles, large hacksaw, small hacksaw, spare blades, 4 x screws.


  • *Boat bits                                      $348.07

  • Grocery shopping                        $331.33

  • Harbour fees                                 $263.72

  • Dining out                                     $212.82

  • Wine                                              $163.05

  • Aannsha’s shoulder therapy        $158.23

  • Beer                                               $140.48

  • 30GB Internet                               $53.54

  • Electricity                                       $21.20

  • Drinking out                                  $15.82

  • Pharmacy items                            $8.70

TOTAL                                                  $1716.96

Two other items not on the original list or in the pie chart

(but which will be added to March’s figures) are:


  • Boat insurance                              $166.28

  • Health insurance                           $33.51

UPDATED TOTAL                               $1916.75

FEB 19 Spending Pie Chart UPDATED.jpg

So if you’re interested in keeping up with our ongoing budget on A B Sea, do subscribe to this website or to our YouTube channel  

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