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Barry's Blog #209 - Déjà vu

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

When you live full time on a boat and spend time at anchor, occasionally the wind and weather force you to make a choice. Either stay put and wait it out or make a run for a more protected anchorage.

We had to make this choice while anchored off Kaş marina. To be fair it was an easy choice to make for several reasons.

The memory of being anchored in the same spot four years ago when we first arrived in Turkey and made the decision to stay anchored out to stress test our ground tackle, when we knew a big wind was coming through, was still a very sharp memory. Here's an excerpt from my blog #55 where I explain the whole thing.

"Big winds are fairly well predicted a good few days before they arrive and for the previous 2 days the coming blow was always a topic for discussion in the marina bar that we frequented. Some long time sailors raised an eyebrow when we said that we'd be staying at anchor. Newer sailors' faces showed shock and horror at the very idea. All agreed that it would be an experience.

Experience was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to test A B Sea, I wanted to test our anchor, I wanted to test our preparations. But I also had a plan B, which was that if it all became too much or our Mantus anchor dragged then we would radio the marina marineros, who are available 24 hours, and get ourselves moored at a pontoon berth in short order."

Another cause for concern was that we were anchored in 10 metres (33 feet) of water with 45 metres (148 feet) of chain out. That meant a scope of only 4.5 : 1. With the predicted wind gusts that was not enough for my liking.

Bleary eyed we climbed out of bed to prep A B Sea for an 08:00 hours departure from Kaş. We were heading 3.5 hours south and east to the shallow and well protected waters of Kekova.

Although the Kaş anchorage was flat calm, the wind was still in bed but as we motored out of the long narrow bay we encountered a long slow swell coming in which made us pitch slightly. This swell was leftover momentum from the medium strength wind that had passed through the day before.

The predicted wind for this afternoon was for gusts up to 32 knots. The following day the gusts would be up to 42 knots and that's no fun if you're anchored off Kaş marina.

Once we were out of the bay and heading south east the wind finally got out of bed and was blowing enough from behind for us to get the head sail out and motor sail. Watching a few boats pass us going in the opposite direction we were glad that the wind and swell were heading our way.

The trip to Kekova was uneventful and at 11:05 hours we dropped our anchor into a bed of thick mud in 4 metres (13 feet) of water and let out 40 metres (131 feet) of chain. That's a scope of 10 : 1. Much more acceptable and a guaranteed good night's sleep no matter what the wind did.

We then enjoyed lunch in the cockpit, set up A B Sea to do some editing and blog writing and settled in for the two days of wind ahead.

Short blog this week, I'll try and do better next week. Until then stay safe and healthy.

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