Barry's Blog #187 - Curfews can and do end on time

Updated: Jul 17

My concerns that the 3 week nationwide Turkish lock down during Ramadan 2021, would be extended, thankfully never came to pass.

We spent those weeks doing not much really. Life on board A B Sea carried on as usual. Daily trip to the marina supermarket for whatever we fancied (except alcohol). Editing videos, writing blogs and managing our social media. Ticking little cosmetic boat jobs off the list and making her ready to go the minute the curfew was lifted.

The national curfew lifted on time. There were still travel restrictions at the weekends and as temporary Turkish residents those restrictions applied to us. It was a little frustrating to see charter yachts with tourists on board freely coming and going as they wished and the logic behind that rule still baffles me.

However our planned leaving day, after the lock down, was put back a whole week as the wind gods laughed and said "We're in charge here and we'll tell you when you can go." They brought some very boisterous winds from the north and even in the sheltered marina we still felt their force.

Invitation time

As it turned out our delayed departure was a blessing in disguise. Our friends Michel and Canan had flown into Turkey for a week and they invited us to come and stay overnight at their beautiful apartment overlooking Kaş town harbour and the marina.

Michel had been our first guest patron on board for a week in August 2020 and during that short week we became firm friends, so this was an invitation that we didn't want to miss.

Michel picked us up from the marina and drove us to their apartment where we raised a toast to friends with cold beers and wine. We ate delicious foods. We talked about everything under the sun, but especially about boats and aeroplanes. We swam in the pool and drank some more. We saw our first wild boar family, complete with several piglets, come out of the surrounding bushland at sunset. We watched day turn to night, drank some more, talked a lot more and generally had a brilliant time. Thank you so much Michel and Canan for being such warm, welcoming and generous hosts. Can we reserve a room for next time you're in Kaş?

Wrangle with a mangle

Some boat jobs seem so easy when you think about them. But in reality the simplest jobs can take forever. For example installing a mount for the clothes mangle on the stern rail. Here's a time line for that.

December 2019 - Mangle arrives by courier to the boat yard in Greece.

February 2020 - Attempt to mount mangle to bare stern rail stainless steel - Fail.

September 2020 - Have two pieces of wood cut and shaped by wood working guy in Kaş.

October 2020 - Take wood back to guy for reshaping.

January 2021 - Finally get the wood to fit perfectly on the stern rail. Almost.

March 2021 - Ask around marina if someone has a tool to make round gouged holes in wood bigger.

May 2021 - Find tool, make gouged holes bigger, buy different sized stainless steel screws, fit mount to stern rail, fit mangle to wooden mount. Success.