Aannsha’s Blog #187 – Kaş to Karacaören

Updated: Jul 17

It is always good to catch up with old friends. And it’s great to spend time with them, especially when you’re treated to an overnight stay at their beautiful apartment with stunning views! That’s what happened after the long lockdown finished. Our good friend and patron Michel and his beautiful wife Canan, invited Barry, Kev and myself to their apartment which sits high on the hills overlooking Kas bay, the marina and views over to the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed some great conversations, belly laughs, excellent food and wine and of course a swim in their pool. As twilight approached, a family of boars nuzzled around the grounds outside of the apartment. The piglets were delightful and I couldn’t imagine how such cute little babies could grow up to be fearsome looking adults! Baz got some fairly close up video footage of them which you can see in this week’s video.

As the evening drew near, we were treated to a colourful sunset which dipped to inky black dotted with the twinkling yellow lights of the town and marina. Baz also captured a fabulous time-lapse that you can see as well.

What do 40 knots of wind look like in a marina?

Some days before we left our home marina at Kaş to set out north (again), we had a wild and windy day with up to 40 knots of wind. A B Sea was safely secured with storm lines in the relative calm at the middle of the pontoon. But at the end of the pontoon things were a lot more intense.

One catamaran which was tied to the pontoon by only one line (not doubled), was bumping precariously close to one of our Turkish friend’s boats and Umit the owner was very concerned. He called for the marineros who came as quickly as they could. While he waited, he and another friend held onto the cat’s line. Neither had gloves on and I could only imagine how harsh that was with the salt water and the slipping line, on their hands. I put the camera away, got on my sailing gloves, and did my small part as ‘anchor woman’ behind them, hoping to be able to take some of the strain. The marineros arrived, and one jumped on board the cat and did a stellar job of securing the stern line.

All’s well that ends well.

Sunshine and calm water

The following day was a perfect early summer morning with sunshine, warmth and calm seas. I took some footage of that too to show how quickly things settle down. There was even a guy swimming in the bay.

Fully working mangle

Do you remember back in December 2019 when the mangle (hand wringer) that I ordered arrived when A B Sea was hauled out in Sipiada, Greece? I’d wanted a *Calliger hank crank clothes wringer but could only get a Chinese version (which I wouldn’t recommend – very poorly put together) delivered to Greece. But if you’re looking for a hand wringer for your boat, here’s a link to my first choice.

It’s been a bit of a process getting the mangle attached so it will actually work. A lot of the delay was caused by many other major boat maintenance issues that needed addressing. But May 2021 was finally the time for the mangle to have its day! We’d fitted a mounting block to the push-pit and I put the mangle on to it. Then I tested a few clothes that I’d hand washed. And hey presto! It worked! Great job. I didn’t really need it while I was in the marina as they’ve got a laundry, but it’s great to have now that we’re (real time) out sailing and anchored out. I’ll be able to rinse the salt out of our towels and give them a good squeeze before drying them in the hot Turkish sunshine.