Aannsha’s Blog #168 – NOT Pirates of the Caribbean

Updated: Mar 6

We talk pirates in this Saturday’s video.

But first, the local farmer’s market

I usually do the fruit, veggie and cheese shopping at the weekly market in Kaş on Fridays as there’s a great choice of fresh, locally grown produce. There are also two wonderful cheese stalls with a great variety of Turkish cheeses, marinated local olives and small cheese stuffed peppers. I can buy herbs, spices, teas and nuts from another stall. Honey, dried carob pods and other seasonal produce are all available at Kaş markets. There are also clothes, bedding and carpet stands, along with kitchen items that can be purchased there. Farmers are also catered for with simple tools, sharp knives and sheep and goat bells. There’s a fellow who makes all natural fragrant soaps and you can also purchase shampoos and face products.

I love the place. It’s a bustling environment, filled with sounds of shoppers, bright colours of wares and aromas of spices that almost overwhelm the senses. And with some of the canopies tied to an old Lycian tomb, you have a constant reminder that you’re in an ancient exotic land.

Hygiene is also very evident here with hand sanitiser at the entrance and the current compulsory use of face masks. So I’m always happy to shop here.

Last Friday Baz popped up to the market before I did and shot some great footage at the request of a few viewers. He also filmed the food stall lady making a Turkish traditional food: gözleme. This is a very large circle of thinly rolled pliable dough that is filled with either a mix of vegetables, or veggies and meat. It’s then folded in half and cooked on a large hot plate. The lady transports the folded piece to the hot plate by rolling it quickly and expertly around a rolling pin. It’s obvious she’s done that many, many times.

With a few brushes of melted butter the gözleme cooks on one side and is flipped, before being cut into strips and handed to you, wrapped in a sheet of paper. OMG and it tastes wonderful!

Baz took his back to the marina and ate it at a table of one of the currently closed restaurants overlooking the yachts. For 20TL (or approximately AU$3.80), this is a supremely tasty, good value brunch.

What’s this about pirates?

We always said that once we built up confidence, we’d sail back to Australia. And we’ve always naturally considered sailing west out of the Mediterranean Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands, via the Cape Verde islands to Brazil. Then north to the islands of the Caribbean.

That’s what most people do. However for us, it presents a couple of issues that we’re not comfortable with.

Route Option One

The first one is that once leaving the Caribbean, there’s a costly passage through the Panama Canal into the Pacific Ocean. If you have a look at the Pacific on Google Maps, you’ll see that it covers the whole of one side of the globe. That’s a lot of expanse of sea, with very few islands in between.