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Aannsha’s Blog #155 - Practising skills, Revising plans, Creating Gifts

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

While we were in Kekova with Michel our Patron guest, we gave him the opportunity to practise upping and dropping the anchor – both at the anchor locker and at the helm. Michel has a small yacht of his own at the moment, but plans to buy a larger one and as he has recently completed his RYA Day Skipper’s Licence, he welcomed the chance to hone his skills.

We moved bays from Sıçak Koyu to the bay east of Üçağız and as there were no other boats in the bay, we spent time playing anchoring and you can see us doing that in this week’s video.

Revising our plans with the turbo

You thought we’d come to an end of our turbo issues didn’t you? So did we. However, we’ve received so many helpful, wise and sometimes conflicting comments and pieces of advice from subscribers who have far more knowledge about turbos than we do, that Baz has revised his plan regarding the turbo.

In the video you can hear exactly the reasons for and against leaving the turbo as it is and hopefully understand why, after putting the whole thing to bed fairly recently, Baz is now choosing to do further work on it. It will begin with checking the engine for fragments of the broken turbo which, if left in there, can cause considerable damage to the engine. It will follow with our sourcing a reconditioned turbo and refitting it.

Fortunately our good friend and buddy boater Kev knows a thing or three about diesel engine maintenance and is going to help Baz with the overhaul. But I’m getting ahead of myself. For now, we wait for replacement gaskets.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a few projects myself …

Our son Luke (who’s in Brisbane, Australia), offered to update our website and we jumped at his suggestion. He has been working feverishly behind the scenes for weeks on our website getting it streamlined, spiffy and mobile phone friendly.

He's also added a 'proper' on-line shop. While he’s been doing that, I've been making lots of pieces of sea jewellery (my Mermaid’s Treasures) and designing A B Sea merchandise (using Mr Turtle which I painted in Australia). Between us we’ve put in lots of hours bringing it all together, but I am more than happy with the result.

Baz and I are so excited to be able to offer Merch (Here are a few pics of what's on offer)

...and jewellery (here are a few sample pics of my Mermaid's Treasures)

... which are all great Christmas gifts - to you guys and girls. Do check them out and if you want to purchase any of it I’d encourage you to do so sooner rather than later to miss the Christmas rush and any other postal delays.

Oh and remember, all patrons receive a 15% discount on my Mermaid’s Treasures jewellery. You can get the coupon code from either our Patreon page, or our Facebook Sailing A B Sea Patreon Private Group.

Speaking of Patreon, we also welcome our newest patron on board, Vance Miller. Welcome aboard to A B Sea’s Patron family Vance, it’s great to have you with us.

Until next week, I wish you a very pleasant week, taking action to bring your dreams to life.


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