Aannsha’s Blog #136 – Anyone want a cat?

c for cat

One of the boatyard cats became pregnant and had two kittens a few weeks ago. Actually several of the boatyard cats became pregnant and had kittens. Thanks to the very randy black male cat that lives in the yard.

Most of the cats just get on with their business, have their kittens and carry on as normal, sometimes with one of the larger cats feeding the younger cats’ kittens. They are quite social but they also seem to live in defined packs. And if a cat doesn’t belong in that pack it’s not welcome.

Enter Barbie

You’ll find out why she’s recently acquired that name in a moment.

Barbie the cat

Barbie is a pretty, dainty, black and white cat with longish fur and a nature that makes us all wonder if she hasn’t at some point been owned by a little old lady who has perhaps died, leaving Barbie to fend for herself on the street. This cat is simply adorable. She is polite, obedient and loving to the point that if you have an ounce (≃ 28 grams) of cat lover within you, you’ll want to cuddle her.

So a few weeks ago, there she was, pregnant and about to give birth and she did what most cats do: she looked for a safe, cosy place to have her kittens.

The house that Bob built

Enter Andrea who has a very large soft spot for cats, and her husband Bob, who at the time were living on their yacht on the hard in the boatyard. Barbie tried to find a place on their boat to give birth, which of course wasn’t practical for lots of reasons, so a makeshift place was found while Bob made a cardboard house where the cat could feel safe and secure. I was fortunate enough to film the kittens when they were two hours old – so cute!!

Kittens 2 hours old

The house that Bob built looks like a cat mansion. Or a Barbie house. So now you know where mummy cat gets her name!

The Barbie house that Bob built