Aannsha’s Blog #132 – Toilet surprise

A leaking seal

Just when Baz thought it was safe to go into the aft heads, I discovered another job for him!

You’ll remember that a few weeks ago I cleaned the toilet floor very well after Baz removed the old outlet hose in order to replace it with a new one. Now the hose had arrived it was time for him to replace it. However, where the back of the loo had been sparkling, there was now a rusty stain on the floor beneath the salt water inlet hose, indicating a leak.

After closer inspection, it seemed the seal had disintegrated (which happens as the salt water corrodes the plastic). Baz couldn’t get the seal out of the back while the toilet was in situ as he didn’t have enough leverage. So he removed the whole toilet and took it on deck. That gave me an opportunity to clean the toilet floor even more thoroughly as the loo was out of the way. Lucky me.

After a lot of struggling, Baz eventually removed the seal and he hopped on the boatyard’s scooter to Limni village to see if he could get a replacement party (unlikely as it’s a Jabsco toilet part), and a few other bits and bobs from the hardware store.

He returned with a few pieces he’d wanted, some he didn’t and – no surprises to discover they didn’t have a replacement toilet seal. We’re going to order a Jabsco seal kit online.

While he was away, I also cleaned the toilet that was sitting on the cockpit table, so that gleamed brilliantly in the midday sun!!

Clean toilet!

After spending the morning on the toilet seal job, Baz got down to the original task of fitting the new outlet hose to the seacock end, creating a big loop under the sink so there’d be no backflow of sea water. Now we’re just waiting for the replacement Jabsco part and Baz can replace the loo!

The good news is that now when I sunbathe on our glamorous forward deck, I have an outside toilet close by!!

Outside toilet, very glamorous!

Don’t get a bee in your bonnet!

Well Baz did. Literally. In his hair.