Barry's Blog #119 - Life is full of ups and downs

Cleaning is not a job that I like doing, that's why I'd been putting off cleaning the dinghy. Then one of our subscribers reached out to us via email and asked if he could send us an all natural, eco friendly cleaning product to make A B Sea shine before she goes back in the water.

Intrigued I gave our mailing address to Heinz and a week or so later the package arrived from Canada. It contained two tubs of the Brillean cleaning product, a 500ml bottle of Brillean hand cleaner and a couple of sponges and micro fibre cloths. I'll tell you how the dinghy cleaning works out in next week's blog.

Expectation v reality

Laundry services are super expensive in a lot of the places we visit so we try and do as much of our own laundry as possible while we're anchored in crystal clear water. Wringing out small items is easy but Aannsha asks for my assistance for any big items such as jeans, towels and the like.

Wanting to make life easier and save time Aannsha began researching hand crank clothes wringers on the Interwebs. She put in quite a few hours checking build quality, reading reviews and making sure the price was affordable.

Finally announcing the winner as the 'Calliger Hand Crank Clothes Wringer' she began the ordering process through Amazon only to get to the payment part and be met by a message saying they don't ship that item to Greece. Bugger.

With some nagging doubts about build quality she ordered the second choice wringer on her list which could be delivered to Greece. She was like a kid at Christmas when the package arrived and set up cameras on the balcony to film the opening and set up.

Using the word disappointment doesn't go far enough and I'm sure she was close to tears that the wringer that she'd bought did not live up to her expectations. Aannsha goes into great detail as to what particularly was wrong in her blog this week, so you can check that out here or watch the accompanying video here.

An interesting day out

Aannsha announced that we were going to the beach on the other side of Evia island, she'd been doing more research on the Interwebs and thought it would be great to visit the ferry terminal at Mantoudi on the east coast.

We anticipated there might be a taverna or bar there and we could chill out with a cold drink and watch the world go by. The drive didn't take too long but when the nice lady who lives inside our satnav announced that we'd arrived at our destination, there was a raised eyebrow and some disappointment from us both.

The beach was strewn with debris left over from the earlier winter storms that had battered this side of the island. An aging giant yellow excavator indicated that the cleanup had begun, no doubt in preparation for summer visitors.

The ferry terminal was closed too as the ferry to the island of Skiathos operates on a reduced schedule in the winter months. The only positive was that the Aegean sea was as flat as a millpond and if you know anything about the Aegean, dead calm water is a rare thing indeed.

Heading off in another direction hoping to find somewhere open where we could have a drink we came across a big red toolbox laying on its side in the middle of the road. Figuring it had fallen off the back of a truck and spotting a building at the end of the road we decided to drop it off there figuring that locals know locals and it would find its way back to its owner.

Nikos takes us to a waterfall