Aannsha’s Blog #113 – Unboxing gifts and the weeping keel

Last week I celebrated my toy boy’s birthday. Now instead of being 3 years older than him, I’m only two! This week, along with opening gifts sent to us by Santa and his Amazon helpers, we got some advice on what looked like a weeping keel.

Why’s the keel still wet?

After standing on the hard for a month, we expected A B Sea’s keel to be dry as a bone. For the most part it was, but there was a patch on each side where water was obviously still leaking out from underneath the paint and antifoul layers.

We were concerned because it may be pointing to water ingress between the keel and hull.

Do you remember way back when we were beginning our sailing in Spain and the mooring ball we were tied to at Javea failed and we ended up hitting the rocks outside the harbour wall at around 10.30pm one dark and windy night? It scared the hell out of us at the time, but Baz scuba-dived the following morning and apart from scratches on the bottom of the keel bulb, there seemed to be no other sign of damage. The seal between the keel and hull seemed intact and there was no cracking or obvious signs of harm to the fibre glassed keel boats, nor any water in the bilge.

We continued sailing across to Turkey and then this season to Greece without hauling A B Sea out of the water. So if there had been some unnoticed cracks in the Sikaflex joint between the keel and hull, then water could have gained access to the hull and there could be some bad water damage that we weren’t aware of. If that were the case, we’d have to drop the hull and fix the problem. We were a tad anxious to say the least.

Enter Xaris (pronounced Harris), the boatyard owner who knows a lot about boats. We asked him to take a quick look and give us his opinion based on his many years’ experience working with yachts. He came and inspected A B Sea’s keel and after telling us that she looked like a new boat and was in great condition for her age, he said that this water seepage was quite natural.

What’s the fix?

Scrape out the old Sikaflex and let the whole thing dry out some more before sanding it all back (when we renew the antifoul) and seal it with new Sikaflex.

Baz and I both blew out a sigh of relief. If it didn’t dry out after doing that, then we’d have to investigate further, but we felt buoyed up by Xaris’s comments.

Santa comes and fills our stockings

Gifts from Amazon Wish List

It was a few days after Christmas day and I was hopping about with agitation, impatient to open all of the gifts that had been arriving from Amazon over the past few weeks. Some were things we’d ordered, some things had been sent to us from generous subscribers and patrons who’d asked us for an Amazon Wish List. I kid you not. People actually have these things. And according to some of our followers, quite a few other sailing channels have them! Maybe it’s because we’re dinosaurs eking out an existence in the 21st century that Baz and I hadn’t heard of this, but we were quite excited about the idea, once we got over feeling embarrassed putting our list up there on Amazon.co.uk

We’d been waiting for our son Luke’s box of goodies to arrive from Australia before we opened all of our pressies. We’d originally thought Luke was coming over for a holiday last summer, but sadly was unable to and the things we’d bought and had sent to his house so he could bring them over with him were cluttering up his bedroom and I think it was with relief that he sent them over to us when we asked. I asked him to also purchase some Agar Agar and Nutritional Yeast Flakes that are expensive anywhere but only available on lin