Aannsha’s Blog #59 – Wild locations for Q & A

After living our new life for one year, Baz and I wanted to thank our followers and figured that we had received enough questions via our social media ‘homes’ that we could put together a Q&A session.

One thing Baz suggested was to keep it more interesting that we could visit different locations and answer a couple of questions at each one. Not only would it be less boring just watching two talking heads, but everyone would get to see some of the places that we’ve been fortunate enough to visit while we’ve been based in Kaş.

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the questions because you’ll be able to see them on this week’s YouTube video. But I’ll give you a little idea of what each place was like to visit.

In the harbour on our boat – Kaş harbour on our yacht was the easiest location to visit as we literally only had to step up the companionway steps and negotiate the side deck! We just had to ensure that the sun was in the right place, so we were well lit, didn’t have too many shadows on our faces, and also had a decent backdrop behind us. This location was an interesting backdrop because as well as seeing the side of one of the tourist gullets and the architecture of some of the houses that face the harbour, you can also glimpse the mountain that sits snugly behind like a protective giant. One Q&A session sees us sitting in the saloon discussing a rather interesting ‘alien’!

Smiley's restaurant – another easy location for us to get to as it is just a walk around the harbour to the bottom of the main street. Smiley’s as you’ll have realised by now if you’ve read more of our blogs or watched some of our YouTube videos, is like a home away from home in many ways. Not only are Smiley and his wife Serpil very helpful at providing information or contacts for pretty much anything a person needs, the staff are genuinely lovely and welcoming.

As a location, Smiley’s restaurant is a treasure trove of visual delights. From the chillies drying in strands hanging from the ceiling rafters, to the colourful flags and tables and chairs behind, it was a very colourful place to film a couple of questions. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware that our microphone would pick up the background music quite so well, so the audio levels aren’t quite as clear on these sessions as we’d have liked.

Kas amphitheatre

The local amphitheatre – Kaş amphitheatre is about a 15 minutes’ walk from our boat past Smiley’s restaurant and the Hellenistic temple ruins (that we featured in a YouTube video Episode 48 along with the amphitheatre). This 2nd Century BC amphitheatre built out of local stones is nestled in the hills with olive trees. I love visiting this ancient place as it sits quietly overlooking the bright blue Mediterranean Sea, with the Greek island of Meis a mere 4 nautical miles off shore, visible on the horizon. The view itself is beautiful and there is a peacefulness emanating from the surrounding hills that make this a special place to visit. I’m glad we answered a couple of questions here.

Gömbe’s snow covered mountains – We wanted to bring you snow. We could see it on the distant mountains from the roads between Fethiye, Kaş and Kemer, and it called to us, like moths to an icy flame. The week we hired the car so we could go to Kemer to finalise our residency applications, we made the most of our wheels and visited as many sites as we could.

Early one morning, armed with a tourist map, we headed inland towards the mountain town of Gömbe. The mountain road twisted and turned higher and higher, passing through little villages, and occasionally we had to slow for a handful of goats nibbling various tasty greens along the roadside. On one occasion, we passed a goatherd herding his animals into a field, carrying a rifle slung over his shoulder. Baz and I jokingly bantered that he must be protecting them from bears!

"Maybe porcupines," I chuckled. We'd seen evidence of a porcupine shedding its quills a couple of days earlier. “Or maybe its wolves,”


“Are there bears in Turkey?” I asked, suddenly curious as to the real reason this man was carrying a gun.

“Not sure,