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Aannsha’s Blog #21 – Home sweet home

I can’t believe we’re here! On our yacht!

We came down here yesterday in a big people mover, which was a good thing as we had:

  • 4 large suitcases

  • 2 cabin bags

  • 3 laptop computers, 8 external hard drives and a heap of other computer stuff

  • 3 cameras, microphones and accessories, plus back up equipment

  • 2 boxes of food and kitchen stuff

  • 2 sets of foul weather gear (foulies)*

  • 4 coats we couldn’t pack

  • Books: ‘how to’ manuals, maintenance and knot tying and general literature

  • Bedding: 4 new pillows, sheets for 3 beds and two soft throws

* The Foulies Conundrum

I do have a set of foulies, but here’s the thing – when Barry got his, they were the last set in the chandlers in Denia. We decided to order me a set while we were there. The Spanish sales assistant (who didn’t speak much English, and our Spanish terminology for sailing items wasn’t that hot) asked me if I wanted the orange or the yellow coloured jacket. I couldn’t decide so Baz said, get the yellow, it will really stand out if you fall in the sea! So I did. The sales guy rang the company to order, then told us the company didn’t have any of the waterproof bib/trousers but he could get exactly the same ones from Helly Hansen which are an excellent brand. Trusting the guy, we said, “order them”.

When I collected them a couple of days later, the Spanish guy said in broken English that the jacket was a bit different, but would float, which I figured would be okay … until I got it home and tried it on.

Do you remember pictures of the Michelin Man? Enough said.

Then I got the bibs out of the packet and discovered they weren’t waterproof. However, the plus side is these bibs are the best things I could want for doing general maintenance as they have pockets everywhere – and even pockets in pockets in some places! Add to that they also have firm foam in the knees so I could land on my knees and still be able to walk – so for me, these are fantastic.

Me in my work bibs

However, I did struggle with the yellow jacket. Literally; I couldn’t do it up! Apart from making me look like the Dough Boy, it is difficult to manoeuvre in. At first, I couldn’t even reach the zip, the arms and body are that padded! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take it back to the shop in Denia as we didn’t have the hire car any more. Baz said it would be okay to wear and I’d get used to it. I don’t think he realised just how uncomfortable I was with it. But I just wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t want to waste money, but I also wanted to feel right when I go sailing. And, you know, be able to move.

That night, I lay in bed struggling with making a decision about what I wanted. In the end I figured, if it were up to Barry and he wasn’t happy with something that he had bought, he would have no difficulty at all saying he wanted something else. Because he doesn’t have a stupid and limiting “What will everyone else think” filter going on in his head. So I thought about it some more as if I didn’t have anyone else to answer to (which in reality I don’t). Freeing my mind up to think for itself, rather than worry about what Baz would think of me, I decided very firmly that I would simply buy another set of foulies (a jacket and I’d also need a waterproof set of bib/trousers). I’d even get them with my own savings if Barry wasn’t happy with them coming from our joint coffers. Gawd, the things we mentally tie ourselves in knots over. Do you struggle with anything like that?

The next morning I just plainly stated that I was going to get another set of foulies for myself. Ones that fitted. Ones that were comfy and I could move properly in. Ones that were waterproof. The yellow jacket could be used for any visitor we had on board so it wouldn’t be wasted. You know what Baz said? "Sure, okay." Proving it was all my stuff. I’ve yet to get myself another set, but you will see in my previous blog that I’ve done the research and know what I’m looking for.

Back to unpacking

Before we can put any of this away, we need to completely clean the boat. Not that it’s massively dirty, but as with any new place, we want to put our own ‘scent’ on it, and also ensure it is sparkling before we store our stuff.

Before we store our stuff though, we need to label all of the storage bilges and cupboards, then create a spreadsheet which itemises where we are putting things. Pretty much every section of the boat’s floor lifts up with storage under it (bilges) and much of this space can be used for items which are waterproof.

Then, there’s the extensive To Buy list we have for items we need for the boat (including basic cooking and kitchen ware), which you can read about in my previous blog: Baz and I will be hiring a car on Monday so we can tootle off and do the shopping. I wonder how long that will take!

We went out the other day to buy the bedding we’ll need and found a great place in Javea called The Yorkshire Linen Co. The people there were extremely helpful and Baz and I have exactly the pillows that we each like and I also got new sheets from there. I’ve opted for cotton jersey fitted bottom sheets because the shape of beds on boats is not a regular rectangle as they fit into the shape of the boat itself. This means you either buy custom made linen (I don’t think so), or find regular linen that does the job. Jersey is stretchy and this is cotton, so it is natural and will breathe. I was a bit concerned that the sizes I’d chosen with the help of the staff would do the job, because our yacht is a 2-hour drive south of Javea, so I won’t be going back any time soon to make any exchanges! I’m glad to say that, they are fine. I wasn’t sure if the two aft cabin sheets would fit properly because the mattresses were a tad wider than the sheet size, however, the mattress isn’t as deep as a regular bed’s mattress, so it stretched okay. If we find the sheets pull off, I will simply get some elastic and make a strap that goes underneath in the middle of the sheet from one side to the other, which should keep the sheet in place. Time will tell! [Addition: so far, so good!]

As much work as there is now we’re on board, I’m so glad to be here. And thoroughly loving the process of kitting out our new home.

Because we have so much to do, this is only a short blog. But I hope it’s enough to keep you satisfied until I write to you again next Friday. But for now, you can think of me next week, like a kid in a candy store, running around the shops with Baz, choosing the goodies that we need to make our boat our home!

Until next time. Xx

Aannsha enjoying her new bed!

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