Aannsha’s Blog #20 – What we love about our new home

Our new home

Six days before we move onto our yacht in Spain, I’d like to review why we chose her and what we still have to add to get her ready to sail away. But first, let’s have a little look at the house we left behind in Oz.

Our previous home

Our last home was an open plan brick low-set house with 3 bedrooms and an office on a half-acre block of land at the foot of one of the Glasshouse Mountains in the Sunshine Coast hinterland of Queensland in Australia. It had a rain forest and pond at the front and national park behind. We lived there for 16 years and absolutely loved the surroundings.

Our last home

We didn’t do much to the old girl over the years we lived in her though, except repaint the walls. The usual financial and daily living issues that many home owners face came into play for us and we just existed there day in, day out. Sure we made any necessary repairs and always treated the home well, so structurally it was in excellent condition, but she looked very dowdy. So a fair amount of effort was needed to bring her up to scratch for sale. When we left her, we ensured that we brought her back to pristine condition, with new paint, floor coverings, kitchen cupboards, and generally gave her a jolly good clean, so that when we sold her to her new owners, she was in immaculate condition and set to stand proud for many years. If you’d like to read my blog post about the renovations, click here: Aannsha's Blog #4 - Getting dirty and colourful.

“I don’t want to do that again”

Remembering that we’d done a similar thing in our previous house on Brisbane’s south side – lived in it, done necessary repairs along the way, but then brought her to beautiful perfection only just before selling her, Barry and I realised this was a bit of a pattern. We also realised we didn’t want to repeat that pattern, but wanted to reap the rewards of all that hard work we’d just put into our last home, and that meant finding a boat that was in as good a condition as the house we’d just sold in Australia.

“I don’t want to do that again Baz,” I stated firmly. “We’ve worked hard while we’ve been together. We worked hard to make our house great for the new owners. We deserve a beautiful boat too. I don’t mind doing a few things to the inside, but honestly, I’m over renovating. Let’s not just ‘settle’ for an okay boat. I want a boat that has an interior we will love to look at from day one.”

Baz agreed wholeheartedly.

So along with all of the safety aspects anyone sane would be looking for in a yacht that they were going to sail and live aboard, we also searched for one that had been looked after down below.

If you’re read our previous blogs, you’ll know that the boat we have bought is actually the very first one we viewed, and even though we looked at a few others, none of them compared to the one we’re going to call home. These are some of the reasons we chose her.

On deck