Aannsha’s Blog #9 –‘Australian Flu’ and a welcome routine in Javea, Spain

How can one cough germ contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

I came ‘home’ to Javea with a cough that I picked up in England. I know I have no proof of when I caught it, and as every second person in Birkenhead and Liverpool had some form of mucus-cold, I could have picked up this virus on any number of daily buses I took to and from shopping centres. However, I am sure I can remember the exact moment when that bug entered my system.

I was on the train from York in England to Dundee in Scotland and there was a woman sitting two seats in front of me, at a table and facing my direction. She was hacking up what sounded like a fathomless pit of thick, gross, mucus. Her coughing hadn’t been too bad at the start of the journey, but as the train made its way further north, her coughing bouts increased. I did feel for her, she sounded tired and, as she was armed with a massive box of tissues, I reckon she had had this cough for a while.

My little inner voice (LIV) began working overtime, asking me “Do you think you're in the zone of the germs that are likely to be flying out of her mouth at a rate of knots?” Now, I don’t know about you, but my LIV always communicates with me in questions; it never uses direct commands. That confused me for years, because I usually end up arguing with it, (I know, dumb) but I have come to the conclusion that has something to do with Free Will.

Anyway considering the amount of thick viscous coughing this poor woman was afflicted with, I reckoned there was a large cloud of germs spreading around her fast. But there was a problem with a getaway plan. I was next to my suitcase, and my suitcase was stashed at the bottom of a very large pile of other bags in the case compartment close to my seat on the super-crowded train. I just couldn’t envision getting my bag out without an avalanche of other suitcases and I didn’t want to leave my case in a different carriage to me, so call me timid, but I stayed put rather than move to a cough free zone.

My LIV quietly retreated to the back recesses of my brain – or somewhere up in the clouds – wherever it resides. I think it would have a look of stoic resignation on its face at being ignored again, but I’m not sure it has a face. The salient fact here though, is that I chose to stay in a carriage very close to a woman who was spreading serious cough germs at close to the speed of sound. I didn’t have a chance, and I almost felt my body being invaded.

Three days later, I noticed the beginnings of a tight, hot,troubled chest and that began a weird cough saga that lasted for the rest of my UK trip plus a week on returning to Spain where my neck glands got swollen and I developed a sore throat as well as a wheeze. I say weird, because it didn’t start with a sore throat and temperature, but rather, silently crept up on my chest like a ninja.

What worked to get rid of the cough and what didn’t?

I prefer natural remedies and normally, a strict routine of very high doses of Vitamin C

plus melaleuca essential oil and/or a ‘protective’ blend of (cloves, cinnamon, orange, melaleuca) rubbed into my neck glands easily gets rid of any oncoming cold before it takes a hold in my system.