Sea Jewellery & Art

Aannsha has been creative pretty much since she could walk! 


She has a history as a professional artist using various media including acrylics (painting small
images to murals for businesses), wet-felting and eco-printing, and she now loves to make
sea-inspired jewellery and art. 

Aannsha also creates jewellery using sea glass and shells, wire-wrapped with sterling silver and rich copper. One aspect of sailing that really excites her is the opportunity of finding special pieces on beaches and crafting one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for you.

"The beauty of this type of jewellery, which I call Mermaid's Treasures," Aannsha says, "Is that even though I may make two similar pieces, they are never identical due to Nature's amazing diversity.  So every item is unique.


"I also really love weaving the wire-wrapping to look like netting, as it reminds me of fishermen's nets.  Some pieces are inspired by Conservation - one pendant is made of a piece of found coral with sterling silver wire wrapped around it, just like old fishing line. Hopefully as a reminder to take litter home with you.  I'll be adding more conservation designs to my collection."

Aannsha is also putting together some YouTube tutorial videos of some of the techniques she uses.

Discover Aannsha's Mermaid's Treasures here

Mermaid's Treasure

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