Guided Relaxations by Aannsha

As well as being an artist, Aannsha is a meditation teacher and facilitated several
groups in Australia since the 1990s. She has also produced several guided
relaxation/meditation cds, which sold for over two decades through outlets including
The Relaxation Centre of Queenland.

While Aannsha had to leave her groups behind when she began travelling, she is still passionate about sharing techniques to assist people relax and meditate. 

"When you're stressed, life sucks and you often don't even notice all the great things in your life. You're also more likely to make fear-based decisions, rather than following your desires and making heart-felt choices that are more aligned with who you are," she says. "Taking a few minutes out for yourself can make all the difference."

Along with making video meditations (visualisations and mindfulness techniques) set in beautiful locations which you can watch on Aannsha's YouTube channel, Aannsha is now delighted to make her guided relaxations and meditations available to you here. 


Relaxations &


by Aannsha

What others are saying about Aannsha's relaxation albums:

"Aannsha is a caring and delightful person. I am most impressed by the simplicity of the One Minute Relaxation Technique and its effectiveness. It's easy to understand and apply.

And what's more - it works."

"I love your voice, it's so soothing. I listen to "Ocean of Tranquillity" at night in bed and always fall asleep before I hear the end.  It's great to finally have a good night's sleep."  


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