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Liveaboard Expenses March 2019

Here are the figures for our outgoings during March 2019 on A B Sea.  All amounts have been converted from Turkish Lira/Euros to Australian dollars. 

1. If you compare these figures to last month you will see they are higher, but there are a couple of reasons for this:

  • We have been getting ready for the season’s sailing and have

  • Extended the stainless steel pushpit, which adds safety and also allows us to get

  • Helm seat cushions, which will make longer passages far more comfortable

  • Swapped out the old autopilot control head for a pre-loved Raymarine ST6001

  • Replaced some zips and repaired a couple of patches on the bimin


2. While massage therapy helped Aannsha get more mobility with her hand after breaking her right wrist several months ago, her shoulder and upper arm were painful and she had loss of movement and some weakness.A visit to the doctor and an x-ray and MRI scan later, it appears that while the wrist is fairly good shape, she has a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder.Not only was AJ therapy, hospital & scans more expensive this month, but there was also an increase in the pharmacy bills as a result.

Harbour fees however were a grand total of zero dollars.  This is the result of overpaying over each previous month, allowing us a free month in March. 

If you watched the corresponding (humorously presented) video: “Expenses March 2019 – A B Sea bonus video”,  LINK you will see that the charts presented there have been updated here:

  • To reflect the harbour fees (from $249.78 to zero dollars)

  • To integrate cooking utensils into the Galley items (from $21.38to $23.90)

  • To include March’s payment to Smiley’s in Dining Out (from $11.24 to $203.58)

This means the total has also changed from the video from $3704.06 to $3646.33

If you’re interested in keeping up with our ongoing budget on A B Sea, do subscribe to this website or to our YouTube channel.

Outgoings for March 2019


Boat bits                                              $128.76

Carpets                                                $586.99

Stainless steel & engine service        $499.56

Helm seats and new zips                   $324.72

Raymarine ST6001                              $394.63

Galley items                                        $23.90

Grocery shopping                              $270.88

Wine                                                    $196.96

Beer                                                     $204.02

Fish                                                      $    4.82

Chicken                                               $   17.51

Meat                                                    $          0

Bottled water                                      $     7.34

Snacks                                                 $    15.55

Harbour fees                                       $          0

Dining out                                           $ 203.58

AJ therapy, hospital & scans             $ 238.29

AJ phone                                             $     9.24

Internet  30GB                                     $   50.71

Electricity                                              $  17.48

Drinking out                                         $  19.98

Pharmacy items                                   $160.50

Clothes                                                 $  27.57

Bank fees                                              $  16.07

Scuba equipment service                    $ 27.48

Boat insurance                                     $166.28

Health insurance                                 $   33.51

TOTAL                                               $3,646.33

Seen as a pie chart, the outgoings for March 2019 look like this:

March 2019 expenses updated.jpg

And here's a chart comparing March's figures with February's expenses.

Comparison of Feb and March 2019 Updated
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